30 top trend IKEA Hyllis shelf ideas that make everything simple


There are many IKEA products that we can use for different purposes, including IKEA Hyllis, one of the coolest shelves that can be used for any indoor or outdoor space. It should have a hole in the shape of a classic shelf, which you can adapt to the needs with the back wall. Plastic feet to protect the floor from scratches There are a few options that allow you to use them indoors or make them part of your garden. Very practical and powerful for storing books, ammunition equipment, various living room accessories or houseplant collections.

Since the IKEA Hyllis shelf is made of metal, it is an effective and durable solution. You can abandon it alone or try to hack it creatively, e.g. B. spray paint, add pieces of wood or abandon them as they are. See what we can do with this astonishing shelf!

Use the IKEA Hyllis Rack for anywhere

Whatever you need, in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the children's room. Use the IKEA Hyllis shelf wherever you need it. This is a great way to organize your things or as a trendy decoration for attaching accessories. The metal is functional, robust and secure for children. Here you can keep everything you want from kitchen utensils, food, books or things in your collection. Add one or two Hyllis shelves for each corner or even a small room. If you want a simple, strong and industrially filled shelf, the IKEA Hyllis shelf is the top choice.

IKEA Hyllis plants

One of my favorites on the IKEA Hyllis shelf is to make it a good plant shelf. How do you green IKEA Hyllis? The first step is that you can put a variety of plant or garden tools directly on the shelf. Second, you can chop it up by adding a hanging rope or spraying colored paint. Bright colors like pink and tosca are a great addition to indoor plant shelves. If you like to work in the garden, this IKEA Hyllis shelf idea can be an excellent match for your garden. Use this on the balcony, entrance, or hanger to keep potted plants and greenery.



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