Basic decoration tips for a fascinating green room


Lemon, emerald, mint, military or olive. Regardless of the shadow, you cognize one thing: green room can do a lot for you and your home.

Why is there a green room?

Achieve balance

Green is the color of equilibrium. The explanation for this is simple: Green is literally at the middle of the visible spectrum and connects and connects other colors.

This physical property of color has a positive effect on our brain and creates positive feelings of calm, peace and balance.

It is not surprising that the walls of the hospital are painted green and the doctor's clothes are also colored.

Experience numerous possibilities

As you cognize, green is a combination of blue (cool color) and yellow (warm color), so the shades of green vary in countless senses, from lighter, darker, and darker tones to the lightest. fresh and inviting.

No matter what feeling you want to convey, there will always be a green shade that fits.

Green is also a very democratic color, it goes well with modern and bold ornaments, it also goes perfectly with classic and traditional offerings.

Reconnect with nature

Green is also the color of nature. It is impossible not to feel closer when it comes in contact with color.

Therefore, you can reconnect with the energy of nature by automatically betting in a green room: life, freshness, peace, harmony and peace!

Basic decoration tips for a fascinating green room


Green shades and combinations for the room

Now maybe the more complicated part, but that's not: How can we combine the colors of a green room? First, you need to seek the colors that work top with green and the environmental impact of these combinations. Some may abandon your room modern and bold, while others abandon it classic, while one or the other can bring joy and relaxation.

So write down some combinations for the green space and find out what is most relevant to you:

Green and white room

The green and white room is a classic combination, but not very clear. Freshness brings peace and freshness. But you should make sure that you don't look like a soccer team, okay?

The lighter the shade of green, the fresher the decor. The combination of white with dark green or closed shades expresses a more elegant and refined range.

Green and black room

The combination of green and black is bold and very contemporary. This mixture creates a striking contrast that varies greatly depending on the color of the selected green.

Therefore, it is not the top option for those who want something cleaner and quieter.

Green and brown room

The combination of green and brown is a great choice for those who want rustic decor and are very close to nature. After all, two colors that combine directly with natural elements.

Green can be spotted on floors, walls, curtains, and decorative items, while brown furniture can be placed from the wood of the floor and ceiling.

Green and gray room

How about a clean and modern combination between green and gray? At first glance, it doesn't seem to work very well, but believe me, it works!

Green and pink room

The combination of green and pink is one of the most popular of the moment. A cheerful duo with a tropical atmosphere and a touch of elegance and charm, paired with golden details.

Green and blue room

Green and blue are two sides of the same coin. Similar hues live side by side in the color wheel and interact very well.

Bet on the combination of similar shades, e.g. B. off blue and off green.

Green and orange room

But if you want to escape the everyday and want a bold and contemporary decor, go for the combination of green and orange. Two colors bring unique vibration and energy into the environment. Be careful not to tear the decoration optically.

Now take a look at some of the photos of the green spaces below to inspire your project!










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