Welcome to Ramadan: 7 ways to set tables that you should cognize


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What did you miss the most in Ramadan? For me, Ramadan was the time to be intertwined and arrive closer to God. However, there is no denying that Ramadan always brings peace to our hearts, and we will fast, which is the duty of all Muslims around the world for a month. There are various ruins this year, we should all be at home and it should be forbidden to worship in the mosque. One thing that has never gone away even for Ramadan this time is when it's time to enjoy a meal while sitting at the dining table and quickly breaking up with your family.

Whatever I have longed for every coming of Ramadan, there will be very sweet and delicious dishes on the table and I fully seek the importance of the family. I want to inspire you by setting up the Ramadan table that makes your Ramadan more meaningful today. From mosque decorations to table decorations to luxurious gold accents. 7 things to consider when it comes to Ramadan meals.

1. Give golden highlights

Ramadan also means partying for Muslims and makes your meal an unforgettable event by giving the dining table a luxurious feel. Colors and gold accents are very popular this year, it can be a good table decoration in Ramadan. Use gold-colored dishes such as a spoon, fork, plate or other cutlery. You can even mix several different colors to make it feel neutral.

2. Decorate the plate

The plate is an important kitchen device, wherever you are. Try decorating dishes with Ramadan motifs this year. This method will surprise your family members when they want to commence eating. Add the Ramadan theme like a sign or other accessory and place it on a plate. I think this is your first time eating.

3. Add the balloon

Make your Ramadan table more festive like a party with colorful balloons. Although this is just a normal family meal, the first dawn can be too difficult for some family members, especially children. Adding balloons will not only make your dining room happier, but also for children.

4. Plant inspired by nature

Ramadan also means being closer to the natural environment, appreciating and fond the environment. Placing plants in the room should be on our list today. They not only cool your dining room, but also your heart.

5. Colorful tablecloths

Add Islamic-nuanced tablecloths to make your Ramadan tables look more elegant. This Moroccan or handmade tablecloth is a great example of how to be in the middle of the table.

6. Highlights of the mosque

We all cognize that a mosque is the home of the Muslims. You can make a lovely Ramadan table setting for this meal. Only when you miss handmade mosques and mosque bread.

7. With candles

Are you spending Ramadan alone with your couple? Why don't you feel romantic? Changing the dining table becomes the most romantic space with Ramadan's candle decoration. This idea is pretty simple and you can do it in just a few minutes.

The post Welcome to Ramadan: 7 ways to set tables that you should cognize first appeared on Tr blog.



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