How do I decorate the small but stylish entry in your home?


entry An area where we like to speak at home. decoration or landscaping. It is a separate void. We'll just go through this and it should ideally be practical. The air of nothing, we all have a lot to hide, and the problem is finding the right balance between storage and aesthetics. This problem applies all the more to a small entrance of several square meters. How is a small entrance furnished and decorated?

How can you successfully make a small entry?

1. Keep only the necessary items to avoid disturbing your small entry

Before you look at the different pieces of furniture that you can use to fine-tune the layout and design of your corridor, all you have to do is sort and select the furniture you need. Do not use your corridor to store shoes and coats that are not used every day. Not much, it will cause chaos if you have small pieces, not a luxury you can afford.

Storage of the 2nd floor in a small hall

We commence by storing coats and jackets. We recommend that you select your piece of furniture for the storage of floors taking winter coatings into account. Sometimes they are much bulkier than small jackets used in the summer. For small entrancesSeveral storage solutions can be considered:
The coat hook is interesting because it hangs directly on the wall and does not confuse the floor area. With many options, you can find a model that fits both the decorative style of your room and the space you can use. You can also select several unique coat hanger hooks and place them on the wall at different heights. This solution is interesting if you have children. With this solution you can hang up your jackets yourself when you return home.
Wardrobe / cloakroom is possible in a small space, especially if you cannot pierce the walls as desired. Some cabinets appear to be more minimalist than others. For example, we avoid a model that imitates wrought iron with many details. Visually, it will be much heavier than a more contemporary model with clear shapes.
The foot stand is a very unused angle. For example, if there is an angle behind the front door, it is interesting in a small entrance. Just be careful not to overload it with coats. Empty, can save a lot of space. You can keep this property as much as possible.

How do I decorate the small but stylish entry in your home?


3. Shoe rack for a small entry

Another very practical piece of furniture that can often be found at the entrance: Shoe cabin. There is something for every taste and every entry size. For a small introduction, you can use different types of shoe cabinets:

  • The shoe rack is usually very compact and fits easily under a wall shelf or a wall shelf. However, most models of shoe racks are open.
  • The shoe cabinet attached to the wall is a small lighter because you have to remove the sole.
  • Shoe cabinet replaces the console – Even if the console is a lighter piece of furniture, the storage space doesn't help much. It is important to see the practical side before looking at the aesthetics in a small space. Shoe cabinet is more useful to you than a simple console. And it is always possible to decorate the top of the shoe cabinet like a console.

4. Bright colors for a small entrance

We arrive to the decoration and color that we find especially on the walls of your small entrance. Light colors tend to enlarge the area. It would also be a shame to combine small space and lack of clarity. So select a color that brightens your room. White is not the only solution. We preferred white because it highlights the materials that make up simple furniture, such as furniture. We can also consider neutral and clear colors. Do not select a very dark shade. It is also a way for your input that white with a light touch be associated with a small touch.

5. Mirror the room

To emphasize the visual feeling of the room, the mirror is a really interesting decorative element. It decorates the wall and the room without making tons. We love round mirrors, which are very fashionable at the moment. The roundness alone is enough so that we can select a simple frame. If you're not interested in sticking to the trend, you can select multiple mirrors without the same style and place them on your console or shoe cabinet. You will cover the wall in several places. It is not necessary to add other elements to decorate the wall.

6. Small entrance carpet

Adding a carpet is not a problem if you have a larger entrance. With small areas, make sure that the room is not overloaded. The carpet does not take up space, but visually reduces the floor area.

Now we have some ideas that we would like to present to you for your contributions! We anticipate that these will help you and brighten your creativity:










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