30 living room designs to surprise guests


Beautifully arranged or organized living room designs Use a sample or parts of this type in the careful mixing. However, if you're not close to that yet, you may need to obtain inspiration. Below we have put together five design ideas that you can imagine so that you and your guests feel comfortable when you spend too much time in the living room.

1. Choose a thick background image

Eye-catching wallpaper in the living room does not rise above the room if it has been correctly selected and installed. In addition to the classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you can try modern self-portraits or abstract arts to achieve a sharp contrast that is wonderfully combined with antique pieces or modern furniture.

When it comes to your living room, nothing can surpass the charm of the wallpaper with bold motifs. Wallpaper with floral patterns in natural shades ensures a soothing, comfortable and familiar feeling in your living room.

Eclectic wallpaper prints give your living room an intoxicating atmosphere with a wealthy sense of play.

With this gray checkered wallpaper in the living room everything seems to work easily without mixing too much to move the eyes.

If you're looking for wallpaper ideas for the living room that are full of personality and games, consider the ancient pressures of rural life as the top way to redefine a space while endlessly deceiving your eyes.

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Return to the excitement of the 70s with retro designs for your wallpaper ideas in the living room. Eye-catching and stunning retro prints and warm tones don't make this living room boring.

Thick motif wallpapers with bright colors like these remain lovely and balanced, so that your living room feels organic and cultural.

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2nd Redefine neutral

Neutral living room designs have been drawing people's attention for centuries because they are versatile and accessible in almost any home environment. You can shake this idea with a classic rug, a peach-colored sofa, and walls with light wooden panels – all astonishing questions without drawing.

Modern living rooms give us many ideas that result in an elegant neutral color palette. Gray walls work together with wood accents to create a relaxing color in this living room.

Instead of using a single color, you can decorate your living room with many different colors of neutral colors. Beige and gray together give a soft look.

The decoration of green plants is the focus of the vase on the living room table. There is an opportunity to be creative, with a neutral appearance, important decorations.

When decorating with a neutral color scheme, it is important to present a variety of patterns and textures. You will need some to create a contrast, but try to follow regular rules to mix patterns.

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Neutral guest rooms can be calm and relaxing, but also fun and lively. Ornamental plants can stand out thanks to a soft neutral background.

This large abstract painting on the living room wall becomes a beat beat and also a hue. Its calm appearance makes the living room surprising.

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3rd Bring fun to the floor

If you're already setting up neutral coffee tables or sharp white walls, the floors may be your only purpose. Instead of being simple, you can add another wave of colored energy to the living room with a light carpet.

Carpet can be considered an accessory, but it can be the basis for a lovely room. This modern living room with artificial tiger skin carpets is also equipped with a natural and luxurious touch.

Against white walls, floors and chairs, this round rug inspired by zebras adds astonishing colors and becomes a fascinating focal point for modern living rooms.

With meaningful patterns, the carpet in the living room becomes an incredible visual focus. They do not affect the appearance as the color is compatible with some furniture.

You can obtain accent colors from the range of carpets with pillows and sofas for an attractive look. With a thick red floral motif, this rug creates drama throughout the living room.

Decomposition tendencies in carpets are not only lovely, they are also smart. This style only silences the color that can strangle the decor that affects the look of your living room.

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An simple way to decorate a living room with a timeless style is to select decorations with a modern atmosphere. Find contemporary patterns in traditional colors like this boho rug.

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4. Install the lighting load

Choose the lighting with some glamor by installing a living room description lighting with minimal brass highlights. This is because you never want every object in the room to collide, and it's always the safest bet that the light will go away. However, the result makes the entire area special.

Choose a pendant to give your ceiling definition and depth for the key environmental features of your living room. This modern lighting is essential for an exceptional living room decoration.

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The magnificent fireplace in the living room is the hypnotic focus. The additional collaboration between antique golden chandeliers and wall wallpapers adorns the look of the living room.

This neutral living room looks luxurious thanks to the gold-framed artistic wall decoration. Chandeliers with similar colors give luxury without compromising the neutral appearance.

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With the development of technology and bright colors, decorative lighting is very important for modern homes. With the golden chandelier, this neutral living room is like a revival.

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The golden accents of the mirror, chandelier and some furniture in this dark living room are the right shade for a luxurious and elegant look.

Golden modern chandeliers and corrugated wall decorations create an interesting mix. This living room looks neutral and can highlight unique decorations.

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5. Have fun with pillows

Cushions in the living room can be standard, but be creative with a fabulous mix of styles and colors to your liking. After waking up with neutral couches and carpets you will see how all the elements match. Well, one or two inspirations from the living room designs above will be included!

This modern farm living room combines industrial and rural elements to open up the large and open living room. Throw pillows in shadows for a harmonious look without disturbing the look.

Practical furniture and comfortable pillows warmly welcome your guests. The ottoman with a classic motif perfects the look without restricting the function of this living room.

A comfortable sofa with neutral pillows and wooden elements create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living room.

The living room uses wealthy colors to give the whole room a fresh and clean look. Throw pillows on sofas inspired by nature to create visual freshness.

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If you want to continue using neutral gray walls in the living room, you should add a warm accent color. Brown faux fur blankets and pillows immediately give the room a warm atmosphere.

Besides just colors, there are some tricks for the interior that can make your living room have the illusion of a warm feeling. Pillows on a neutral sofa give a pleasant cocoon feeling.

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