23 top rose thigh tattoo ideas for women


Roses are one of the most popular flowers in tattoo design, and this can happen for many reasons. We love roses because they look lovely and their different colored leaves can symbolize different things. Colors like yellow can be fun, while classic red is love. So each tattoo can be unique. We have 23 rose thigh tattoo ideas that we want to show you today. Thigh tattoos We have a choice because they can be stylish, sexy, and as brave or slender as you like. Check out which designs make our top choice. If you don't want a modern tattoo before, you'll do it afterwards.

1. lovely rose thigh tattoo

The first hip tattoo is very kind. This design is wrapped around the thigh like a ribbon and has elegant watercolor roses with other flowers and butterflies. Just a breathtaking body trick and the overall design is soft and feminine. Rebuild something similar or rotate the tattoo so that it lies vertically on the thigh.

Tattoo ideas

Source: @tattooist_flow is

2. red rose with a dragonfly

If you love red roses you should see this next tattoo. Here we have a large hip piece with two red and strong roses. The tattoo is finished with a small dragonfly. Such a tattoo is great for nature lovers as it is both a flower and an insect. Both are very positive designs because a red rose can symbolize love, while dragonflies can represent peace and harmony.

3. Small rose thigh tattoo

Roses can be seen in all colors from red to yellow. This next design is slightly more unique and contains a purple rose. It looks lovely with an unusual color and a soft purple watercolor rose. A very kind and delicate design. Something like that suits everyone. Purple roses can also symbolize magic, magic and admiration.

4. Glam Rose and Peonies Tattoo

Are you looking for a large and bold tattoo design? If so, this can be great for you. This tattoo covers a large part of the skin. It contains a number of flowers like roses and peonies. The tattoo also contains a super glamorous stone. It is a surprising piece of body art and makes a statement. You can recreate it or add color. You can also use different types of flowers or select all of the roses.

Roses and flowers thigh tattoo

Source: to @anais_chab

5. Colorful tattoo design

Then there's a large and wow tattoo statement! This time the tattoo starts on the thigh and ends just above the knee. The design includes colorful roses, other types of flowers, and bright red fruits. A colorful and bold design that will make you stand out in the crowd. Try a similar tattoo or use different types of flowers and different colored roses.

Large and colorful tattoo design

Source: @tattooist_silo

6. Stunning rose thigh tattoo

The next tattoo idea is just stunning. Here we have a smaller design that covers the upper part of the thigh. The design has a lovely pink rose with green leaves outside. A lovely tattoo and shading on the rose are incredible. This is a lovely tattoo that will look great on everyone. You can even try a smaller version of this tattoo.

Red rose thigh tattoo idea

Source: @tattooist_silo

7. Hip and thigh tattoo with jewelry

Thigh tattoos can also cover other parts of the body. This next draft covers part of the thigh and hip. The tattoo shows black ink roses with jewelry on the hips and thighs. As you can see, he makes such a statement. This is a great piece of body art and great for those who want a bold and large tattoo. You can recreate it or add color. Watercolor looked stunning.

Hip and thigh rose tattoo

Source: @goodtattooclub

8. Flowers and butterfly

The next tattoo is brave and lovely. The design contains a large rose with other types of flowers that surround it. This tattoo is done with a cute small butterfly. Body art like this is ideal for those who love flowers and butterflies. You can recreate it or add color. If you want the butterfly to express more, you might add some colors and patterns that butterflies are known for.

9. Thick red roses

If you want a large tattoo that inspires, this is the one for you. The tattoo starts at the hip and extends from the thigh to just above the knee. There are four large red roses in the design. Make a tattoo statement and astonishing. A bigger body art like this is a large obligation, so you have to be 100% because it is not simple to cover. Try the red roses or try the design with the desired rose color.

10. Beautiful black ink thigh tattoo

Then we have a smaller tattoo design that we can show you. It contains a completely open rose, two of which are small. A simple and lovely tattoo that fits everyone. Recreate this or put the tattoo vertically on the thigh. You can even try a smaller version for a thinner tattoo.

Beautiful black ink flower thigh tattoo

Source: @goodtattooclub

11.Ornamental rose thigh tattoo

The next tattoo idea looks very kind and stunning. This tattoo has a large black ink rose in a decorative design with jewelry underneath. It is such a lovely tattoo and almost looks like body jewelry. This is a unique and astonishing tattoo that will delight. Recreate it or add a splash of color to roses and jewelry that will look great.

Ornamental Rose Thigh Tattoo

Source: to @anais_chab

12. Delicate watercolor roses

Do you love more delicate roses? If so, check this. Here are two watercolor roses with other flowers in the background. Soft colors look stunning and really capture what delicate roses look like in genuine life. This is a lovely piece of body art and can be reproduced with any rose color. Look at the meaning of each color and select the one that top suits you.

13. Flower thigh tattoo

Then we have flower leg design to show you. So it shows a rose with these two flowers. One of the flowers looks lovely and peony, the other has a tropical atmosphere. Perfect for those who love a lovely tattoo and flowers. Try a similar tattoo or use a rose with two different flowers of your choice.

Flower leg tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

14. lovely red roses

If you love red rose tattoos this is great for you. Here we have lovely red roses, another type of flower that has been added to the design. We love this tattoo because it has a bold, expressive and more traditional tattooed look. Recreate something similar, or try a smaller version if you want the tattoo to be a small more subtle.

Red roses

Source: @badmanazzz

15. Unique rose tattoo design

The next tattoo idea is another unique idea. This time we have a lovely pink rose with a geometric shape. The shape looks almost like a crystal, and since there are some roses inside and the rest are not. It creates a great design and a fabulous illusion. This is a fashionable and fun tattoo for everyone. Rose and geometric shape can be reproduced in any color and shape.

Unique rose tattoo design

Source: @tattooist_silo

16. Roses and butterfly

Then we have a rose and butterfly design. This time the tattoo contains two roses in the background with other flowers. The tattoo is finished with a small and cute butterfly. We love this tattoo because the black and white colors used look great. This is just a stunning tattoo.

Rose and butterfly

Source: @youngrobyn

17. Simple black outline roses

Not all tattoos need to be very detailed and complex. You can opt for something simpler like this. Here we have two roses with simple black outlines. We love how minimal this tattoo is because the end result is very modern and trendy. Rebuild it or a smaller version will look cute too. If you want a bolder tattoo, you can add a watercolor splash.

18. Roses and sunflowers

This next tattoo is another favorite. One in design Sunflower surrounding rose. This is a very kind design and roses and sunflowers look great together. I'm just thinking about summer. Not only that, it's another positive symbol that can represent happiness, happiness, and more for sunflowers. A breathtaking piece that brightens your mood every day.

Roses and sunflowers

Source: @lucietattoo

19. Rich red roses

Do you love red roses If so, this is for you. Here we have great body art with five roses of different sizes. What we really love about it is the wealthy red color that is used for the leaves. It's just a stunning red hue and really wow. You can also create a more gothic tattoo in dark red. You can recreate it or try a smaller version.

Big Red Roses thigh tattoo

Source: @fflowerporn

20. Mandala roses and jewelry

If you are looking for a cute and lovely tattoo this is great for you. This tattoo includes a mandala and jewelry, as well as two black ink roses. A lovely tattoo with trendy design elements. Try this version with black ink or add a splash of color. You can use any mandala design.

Roses and mandala tattoo idea

Source: @ chik.tattoo

21. Two roses with leaves

Then we have greater body art. This time design tattoo behind the thigh and two roses with falling leaves. We love a lovely piece and the unique idea of ​​the fallen leaves. If desired, this can be placed in front of the thigh. Just a lovely tattoo that will look great on everyone.

Thigh rose tattoo

Source: @tattooist_silo

22. Roses and jewelry

The next tattoo is another unique tattoo. The design features black ink roses with jewelry dangling under the roses. A lovely tattoo and jewelry can have a spiritual meaning or be a lovely accessory. Try the black ink version or add some color. Red jewelry with black jewelry looked great.

Roses and jewelry idea tattoo

Source: @ chik.tattoo

23. Black ink roses

The final tattoo idea is another kind and stylish idea. This time we hit two black ink roses on the thigh. A simple and lovely tattoo that fits everyone. This is ideal for those who want a thinner tattoo as it can be covered easily. If you want the roses to be colorful, we recommend adding watercolors for a bolder but delicate look.

Black ink roses

Source: @tattooist_silo

I anticipate you found a lovely rose thigh tattoo to try.



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