7 simple ways to develop your mood in the kitchen


A comfortable kitchen does not always have to be unusual, with a few simple setting ideas you can even create a dreamy kitchen. The kitchen is really one of the most important areas of the house, and if the kitchen is just a place to cook, it is now a popular area for families. The kitchen can serve a lot, it is a multifunctional hall as the middle and heart of your home. Now you can do many other things besides cooking and enjoying, because the kitchen does more than that.

You don't have to be a reliable cook or cook to obtain a kind kitchen design. The kitchen has been transformed into a region where you can meet with your family and friends. Practical decoration and design as well as an clever storage space are needed to develop your mood in the kitchen. How can you use a simple kitchen design? To help you design your dream kitchen design today, I've collected 7 great kitchen inspirations from IKEA.

1. Use natural light

Use natural lighting to brighten up your kitchen. The lighting is an important factor in the preparation. It also helps to brighten up the room. Good lighting helps you develop your cooking creativity.

Stained glass windows, skylights and an open concept provide natural light, so you can save a lot of money. During the day, sunlight is the top light source that you can use to the maximum.

2. Use Open Storage

Open storage is everyone's favorite where you can easily find kitchen utensils and accessories. You can even create a wall storage system to store cutlery, spices and other foods without causing chaos. Use every piece of kitchen wall and turn it into a functional storage area.

3. Black board walls

Sometimes the kitchen is the busiest part of the house, so you often find it difficult to decide what to do next. To solve this problem, you can place your boards in the kitchen to remind you to administer your schedule.

Use black furniture that can be used as kitchen walls, closet doors or blackboards. In addition to a practical function. A blackboard also brings aesthetics to your kitchen decor

4. Renewal with plants

If your kitchen is small and sounds very claustrophobic, add a natural element to the room. The touch of nature is a great way to refresh the room and give you the warm look you want. Maximize every inch of your kitchen, e.g. B. walls, windows or doors that can be used as a place for plants.

Adding houseplants can also help develop your mood. Easy to care for and of course select your favorite plants. Place it near a window or entrance so the plants obtain enough sun.

5. Kitchen pattern colors

Add colors and patterns that can be customized to your kitchen to create a lovely kitchen that will meet your dreams and make cooking more enjoyable. Use your creativity to integrate different patterns and colors into a lovely connection in the room. Build your kitchen as a canvas by trying to play bold patterns and colors.

6. Make kind decor

Don't make your simple kitchen look mediocre. Use lovely decorations to develop the look of your kitchen in a variety of ways. Try to make a decree that fits your hobby. Are you satisfied with wall decorations or do you like showing penny items? You can create decorations that are compatible with the design of your kitchen area.

7. Use basket storage

Storage in the kitchen is a smart alternative to organize your room. Storage trolleys are very practical in the smallest space and can be moved easily as required. Preparing food and drinks is much faster since you only have to push.



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