You can easily make 23 adorable DIY circle decorations


Sometimes it's a small difficult to talk about Home decoration to beautify your abundance. Because you often have a tight space, you can't bet too much to avoid it from appearing crowded. In this case, you should use ornaments with which you can beautify the room and at the same time have a functional value. For more information, see the following information.

Wall decoration

If you have a collection like a hat collection, a guitar collection or a record collection, you can display them on the wall. It's great because you can keep it in a neat arrangement and use the beauty as a wall decoration straight away. Or you hang the greens on your wall and immediately obtain the freshness and lovely decoration of the closed greens. If you want to place the genuine ornament, the wall ornament is an excellent choice as it is not needed anywhere on the floor.

With the processing hat that you hang on the wall of your living room, you can decorate your walls that are very effective and lovely at the same time.

Edit the layout of the mirror gallery on the wall to make it look unique and simple. You can also give the impression of a French country decoration style.

You can bring pegboard ornaments into your apartment room. Use it to apply DIY hanging rack to keep some ornaments.

If you want to add a classic touch to the walls of your apartment, you can hang up lovely, ancient-fashioned plates in different sizes and adjust their position so that it looks great.

This DIY ornament with branches and pearls is really simple to make and lovely at the same time. In addition, it really fits the environmental decoration concept that brings the boho style.

This hanging fabric wall ornament can be hung on your wall to touch a farmhouse and boho with a combination of wooden furniture.

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Round toga hats of various sizes are used as wall decorations to decorate the walls of your home so that they don't look flat.

This large calendar agenda is not only functional, you can also use it as a wall decoration. The apartment is made of large glass that hangs on the walls of your dining room.

Rattan basket can be one of the suitable decorations for your wall. It can be arranged in the living room of your apartment to create a boho style.

This colorful DIY ornament of the dream trap hangs on the wall of your apartment to make it look happy and cute.

If you have a collection of guitars, you can hang them all up for viewing so you can use them as ornaments, but you can keep them neatly arranged.

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Decorative lighting

Lighting is another multifunctional thing where you can use decoration and lighting at the same time. In this case, you should select those with a lovely appearance. If you want to decorate it freely, you can select the string of lights as their arrangement can be very flexible. Shape it to shape the look you want and apply it to any area in your circle. It will be really fun and impressive!

Decorative lighting that uses string lights to hang coat hooks in the entrance room to make them look unforgettable.

If you want to achieve unique and different lighting, you can add a series of lights to the large mirror you propose in your room.

To make your bedroom look lovely and unforgettable, you can use DIY lighting with the string float applied to the curtains in your room.

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This unique DIY lighting for your child's playroom can be shaped like a pine tree and then attached to the wall for good lighting.

This lighting ornament looks really good where it is actually quite simple. Simply attach the string of lights around the mirror and wall decoration.

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White small lightbulb can be a very kind decoration when applied around the decoration of the iron branches and the open shelves in your room.

You can simply turn on the lights on your bedroom curtains to obtain such lovely lighting.

The dream catcher-shaped ornament made of thread can make it look more interesting since you can propose fairy lights so your room looks unique and unforgettable while you present it on the walls.

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For industrial shades like red brick, try adding light to the black cord so the dark colors appear on the brick and provide slippery lighting.

Decorative lighting for the dining room by mixing different types of lighting in a single room and a small green.

If you have a four-poster bed in your room, you can add a magical touch by setting the fairy lights above.

If you love a good Scandinavian design, this simple dining room corner is highlighted with black fairy lights that look unique when applied.

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It's great that you can use both wall decoration and lighting at the same time, as these two things can be such a combination. In addition, these things can undoubtedly have a multifunctional value that is really effective for your small apartment. If your budget is not enough, you can select both because you don't need a lot of money. The chain of lights is also really suitable.



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