21 pieces of storage that give the bathroom the style of a farmhouse

Rustic, warm, traditional and stylish farmhouse style is a remarkable home decor trend that everyone wants to conclude in their home. There are places in a house Look bright if you are done in country styleand this kind of bathroom area.

It will take a lot of work and effort to bring the taste of the farmhouse into the bathroom with a complete makeover. One way to easily achieve the same result is to add farm-style storage items.

Farm bathroom storage is both functional and unrivaled great. It helps you keep your bathroom accessories tidy and organized like your modern storage items, and gives your room a unique character. We are here to show you how to incorporate a farmhouse style into bathroom storage. Many of these can be done at home and require only a few simple materials to customize. Have a look:

# 1. Store the bath towels in a wire basket:

Source: i thepinktumbleweed.co

# 2.Create an open wooden shelf to store bathroom toiletries and towels:

Training address: i remodelaholic.co

3. A step shelf helps with triple storage in a small space:

out: happinessishomemade.net

4. Make a wooden shelf with three deep boxes to store your bathroom needs:

out: i etsy.co

5. An ancient staircase for storing towels and decorations.

6. Rustic wooden box of a farmhouse for storing the bathroom:

7.Get a vintage cake stand and seamlessly optimize the small counter:

out: i goldenboysandme.co

8. Turn an ancient galvanized bathtub and several wooden boards into a wall shelf:

9. The wooden ladder towel holder gives your bathroom a vintage feel:

10. Store your magazines in this lovely, rustic-looking DIY magazine shelf:

Training address: i fourgenerationsoneroof.co

# 11. Place a metal bowl on the vanity to store the bathroom accessories:

out: i littlevintagenest.co

# 12.Upcycled window frames also serve as towel racks and lovely wall decorations:

out: i lilluna.co

# 13. Create a bathroom umbrella with an antique sewing drawer and some flowers:

out: i oldewindmillfarm.blogspot.co

# 14.Rethink a distressed vintage wooden headboard and attach a shelf to hang up a towel and keep your things:

15. Back in a vintage olive basket and toilet paper holder for farmhouses:

out: i hometalk.co

# 16.Rustic cut rustic wooden shelves made from barn boards:

out: i beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot.co

# 17. Create a cute floating open shelf for your bathroom:

Training address: i thriftyandchic.co Source: i littlevintagenest.co

# 18. Reuse to store the split galvanized tray:

# 19.Huge glasses are a kind decoration as well as storage purposes:

out: knickoftime.net

# 20.Rustic mason jar toothbrush holder:

out: i etsy.co

# 21. Set up a three-tier fruit basket to hold the shower supplies:

out: theletteredcottage.net

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