23 unique bob box braids to try out


One of the top things about braids is that you can try them out in different lengths. You can have very long braids in one day and shorter styles like bobs the next day. on braided bob A classic, stylish and simple to use hair idea that suits everyone. The modern spring season is just around the corner and summer is just around the corner. Now is the great time to try this simple-to-use, shorter style. So, today we have 23 fantastic bob box braid styles to give you a few hair inspos. We have an eye for everyone, from simple and stylish to trendy, bold and colorful looks. Read on to find your next lovely braided style.

1. Noble Bob Box Braids

First, there is this simple, stylish, and classic braided bob. So the hair is beautifully braided and the hair is curled like a traditional bob style. It is very cute and simple to carry. You can rebuild it or try a shorter weave length. Maybe a small closer to the chin. Such hair will look fantastic for everyone and will never go out of style.

Classic braided bob

Source: the @elindas

2. Bob braids with curls

This next hair idea is one of our favorites because it is so lovely and stylish! There are bohemian knitwear here. If the braids are bohemian Braids and curls. This is a very good example. Hair with long bob lengths and loose curls. This braid and wave look is great for summer and will brighten up your look for any occasion.

3. Stylish short bob

Are you looking for a stylish and user-friendly style? If so, this may be for you. For this look, the hair is knitted into a short bob that goes under the chin, and each braid has a kind brown color. While the color is warm and stylish, the genuine braided style is elegant and classic. This is simply a great hair idea that is suitable for all ages.

Brown box knit bob

Source: @modelesque_nic

4. Chunky Bob Box Braids

Just as you can select the knitting length, you can also select the thickness. We showed some finer braids and now it's time for the chunky ones. Here we have a long braided bob with chunky braids and some locomotives. Box braids are lovely and thicker braids make for a trendy bob. Recreate it or think it will look great in a different color, especially for spring and summer. Maybe if you feel brave blonde or burgundy.

Chunky Bob Box Braids

Source: @estudioblessed

5. Short red box braids

Speaking of braids in different colors, this next idea of ​​hair is very bold and lively! This style includes a simple braided bob, and each fabric has a bright burgundy color. Most braids are also accessories with gold or silver accessories, including dangling jewelry, cuffs and cord. A stunning look, great for those who want to make a statement.

Short red box braids

Source: @mali too

6. Elegant bob with a side part

Next there is a cute and lovely bob that will show you. The hair is braided with a side part and the bob is longer. We love this version of the braided bob because it is stylish, stylish and elegant. Hair like this fits everyone and is great for those who need hair that can do everything. If you need a kind but simple-to-wear style for work, you also need a glamorous look for the evening. This hairstyle will protect you. We also love how Bob's side is braided. This gives the braids a neater and more elegant look.

Sweet bob with side

Source: @jcbeautyx

7. Caramel and blonde bob

Another color you can try is blonde. Here's how to wear them. Here's a classic braided bob. Most braids have a warm caramel tone, some of the other braids are light blonde. The whole look is completed with gold cuffs. We love hot blondes and we think it will be great for summer. Try a similar hairstyle or you can have a caramel color without the light blonde. In any case, your hair looks lovely.

Caramel and Blonde Box Braids Bob

Source: @esponjamagic

8. Fashion hair idea

The next hairstyle is very fashionable and simple to wear. For this look, the hair is braided into a long bob that curls up at the ends. Some braids have cords and cuffs. It is very simple to carry and looks very modern and stylish. You can recreate this look or try the bob without accessories. You can add a bolder color to explicate more.

Trendy short box braids

Source: i @regianneaha

9. Long bob with gold accessories

How Long Bob Hairstyles? If so, look at that. This style has chunky box braids that go right under the chin. The hair is also provided with a dark gold cord. There is a golden accessory at the end of each fabric. The genuine hairstyle is very stylish and accessories add charm. You can try a similar version of it, or select a shorter length for a cute bob look.

10. Colorful bob with jumbo braids

Next up is a cute and colorful bob. It is shaped into chunky braids that are thinner at the tips of the hair. Some braids are also accessories with colored cords. We love live cables because they add a touch of color to hair. This fun and expressive hairstyle would be ideal for summer. Try rainbow cables or select other bold colors.

11. Chunky Braided Bob

The next hair idea is cute and simple to wear. Here we have chunky braids in the shape of a short chin-length bob. Each fabric is decorated with gold cuffs. We love the length of the braids because the chin-length bob is a stylish classic. This hairstyle will look great on any woman and you can recreate it with or without cuffs. A similar bob without a cuff looks thinner and more stylish.

Chunky Braided Bob

Source: @naturalbabepro

12. Blond braided half fluffy

This next braid idea shows lovely hair color and a trendy way to style your bob. For this look, the hair becomes a longer bob. Half of the braids remain loose and half tied, creating a trendy half stool. All braids are also in a kind blonde color. We love everything about this style and it will be great for summer.

Bob Knit Half Updo

Source: @abellenunes

13. Stylish long bob

Do you love long bob looks? Look at that. The hair was shaped into chunky braids, the length of which crossed the chin. This style is complete with meaningful headings. Another stylish and stylish hairstyle that will look great on everyone. You can rebuild it or try out shorter braids.

Stylish long bob braids

Source: @hairbycheri by

14. Double Buns Half Updo

We love this next hair idea, one of our favorites! Here's a cute braided bob. Half of the braids remain loose, while the other half are turned into two buns. The double bun look is very cute, funny and stylish. It is half swelling and great for spring and summer. You can try a similar style or bun. This hairstyle would look great with ombre color, maybe pink, purple, or blue.

Double bun half updo

Source: @nikethegawdess

15. Short bob box braids

Next we have a short braided spool. For this look, the hair is transformed into shorter fine braids. These braids have a chin length that creates an elegant and timeless bob style. Hair like this suits all women and looks comfortable or glamorous depending on the comfort. Keep it simple and stylish, or add accessories.

Short bob box braids

Source: the @ronkeraj

16. Corded long bob

How accessory hairstyles? If so, give it a try. This style has another long bob with chunky braids. Each braid has a gold accessory at the end and a braid on the front is decorated with a gold cord. The style is simple and lovely, while the golden accessories are really attractive. Reproduce it for a unique look or try a different colored cable.

17. Box Knitting Bob

The next idea of ​​hair has a lovely box braid bob. These braids have a longer weave length and are decorated with golden accessories. A simple and stunning hairstyle that suits everyone. This is another bob that will look fantastic day and night for any occasion. Try a similar style or without gold accessories.

18. sweet braided bob idea

This next bob is another cute one. The hair is knitted into a simple and elegant bob with curled ends. It also has a side and stylish hair accessories. This is a lovely style that will look fantastic on everyone. You can recreate this stylish and classic look or revive it with some color. A blonde version of this bob will look great.

Nice braided bob idea

Source: the @chizidur

19.Long bob half knob

If you like half updos, you should see this hair idea. Here's another long bob. Half of the braids remain loose, while the other half is tied to a comfortable bun. Another cute and trendy way to shape your braids. For this summer you can try another great hair idea and a half button with shorter braids.

Half bun with long bob

Source: the @laurynalex

20.Burgundy bob braids

Then we have a burgundy look to show you. The hair is sweetly styled and curled under the bob. Every fabric is also a dark burgundy shade. We love the stylish bob combined with the stylish bob. A great and bold hair idea that will make a statement. This darker shade is great for autumn and winter.

21. Chunky and Blunt Bob

We love the next hair idea! For this look, the hair is knitted into a long bob with blunt ends. Every fabric is also decorated with gold. The blunt-cut braids look lovely and gold gives luxury and charm. With such hair, you feel like a queen every day. Try something similar or select a shorter bob length.

22.Stylish braided updo

This hair idea still has half a swelling. The hair has a classic bob length and has been processed into a comfortable buffalo. Some braids are also accessories. A kind and trendy hair idea. You can recreate with or without accessories. We think this hairstyle will look good even in cool blonde tones.

Stylish short box braids updo

Source: i @regianneaha

23. blonde and pink bob

The last braided bob is one of our favorites! Here we are curled up under light blonde or bright pink braids. We love the combination of blonde and pink, so testimony and fun! These hair colors are great for summer and stand out from the crowd!

We anticipate you will love these bob box braids and find a cute and short style to try!



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