Top 25 Popsicle Stick Crafts for Children You Should Try


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These annoying popsicles for kids are great if you obtain stuck at home without doing anything on a rainy day. It's great for kids of all ages – there are handicrafts for babies, preschoolers, and elementary school kids (and hey, mom and dad have fun too!).

We all cognize that the easiest way to obtain enough popsicles to craft is to keep your washed popsicles after making ice cream. Did you cognize, however, that you can also buy ice cream sticks in craft shops? Amazon?

They are super cheap and cost just $ 5 for about $ 100 (or even 1,000 sticks!). If there is no curling at the moment, you should put it online. This also saves them washing ice scraps.

If you already have some craft sticks with you, it's time to find fun crafts that your kids can replicate. In this post, I've listed the 25 top popsicle projects I could find – there is a DIY fan craft that is great for pet crafts, superhero crafts, seasonal crafts, and even hot summer days.

Let me cognize which of these handicrafts are your favorites – I've saved some of the top!

1. Alligator Crafts

Start the tutorial Simply peasy and fun

2. Popsicle stick craft made of wood

located i vk.co

3. Popsicle stick animals

Start the tutorial Craftionary

4. Magic Wand Sticks

Start the tutorial Creative family fun

5. Stick Super Heroes

Start the tutorial Attached to my works

6. Kitty Crafts

Start the tutorial Smart morning

7. Dragonfly stick craft

located pinterest

Haunted house

Start the tutorial Forever happy

8. Patriotic flagship

Start the tutorial Giggles galore

9. The eye of God

Start the tutorial Handicrafts by Amanda

10. Hearts House Crafts

Start the tutorial Attached to the craft blog

11. Popsicles Apple

Start the tutorial Simple mother project

12. Rabbit crafts

Start the tutorial Best ideas for children

13.DIY pocket fans

Start the tutorial Glue sticks

14. Elf ornaments

Start the tutorial Gadgets mom

15. Unicorn craft

Start the tutorial A master mother

16. Mix-N-Match Popsicle Snake Craft

Start the tutorial Ladies and blog craft

17.Shark craft

Start the tutorial Attached to the craft blog

18. Ballerina sticks

Start the tutorial Attached to the craft blog

19. Make stick flower pots

Start the tutorial Usually simple

20. Catapult for children

Start the tutorial Small boxes for small hands

21. Popsicle planes

Start the tutorial A small project

22.Foolish hair dolls

Start the tutorial Dari

23. Snowman ship

Start the tutorial Ambitious mother

24. I love you popsicle craft

Start the tutorial Create craft cook

25.DIY picture frame

Start the tutorial A few shortcuts

Which of these handicrafts will you build first with your family? Let me cognize in the comments!

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