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rustic living room with holiday home

This modern rustic cabin on the lake was designed by Christopher Simmonds architectThe hotel is located in the county of Ontario, east of the Thai Valley, Canada. This 1,900-square-foot cottage is in a steeply sloping area and is designed to enhance the fantastic water views while enjoying the fantastic sunsets.

The house owners wanted the modern hut to be modern enough – they also respected the tradition. It was also important to blur the lines between inside and outside. On the ground floor there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room and a transparent wall dust room that blends into the view. A deck with exposed Douglas fir beams expands the living space and creates a floating open space.

rustic living room with holiday home

The inner palette of this lake house contains a white ceiling and tongue and groove wall panels. White oak wide board on the floors. The focus of the large room is on a minimalist Norwegian gas fireplace.

Country kitchen

What we love: This modern, rustic lakeside cottage has large windows overlooking the tranquil setting of this waterfront home. Inside-outside lines are blurred with large windows and brought to places with natural light. The open balcony is a great place to enjoy both the sun and the sunset by relaxing with family and friends.

Tell us: What do you think of the overall design of this Canadian lodge? Could this be your great family vacation idea? Let us cognize why or why not in the comments below!

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rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen

The design of the cottage focuses on quality by quantity. It met the lifestyle needs and desires of homeowners and their desire for open spaces that would create a seamless connection between inside and outside.

rustic kitchen

above: Minimal glass protection devices disappear to allow an unobstructed view from the interior.

rustic outside deck of the hut

Hut rough stairs

above: The lower floor takes advantage of the steeply sloping area and has two bedrooms that lead onto the stone terrace, the main parent, the bathroom and the laundry room.

rustic exterior of the hut

rustic exterior of the hut

rustic exterior of the hut

The materials used on the outside of this lake house conclude wood concrete, slats and western red cedar soffits, horizontally concealed wood veneer, and standing seam metal.

rustic exterior of the hut

above: A cantilevered ladder can be seen on the horizon descending from the deck to the lake.

Photos: T. H. wall photography

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