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You should have furniture that looks boring and ugly at home. Maybe you feel very helpless than throwing it now. But believe us, all ancient furniture can be turned into glamorous vintage pieces or worthy arts. Then follow these five even makeup tips to give your ancient furniture a modern breath.

1. Repaint your ancient furniture

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to repaint your ancient furniture. Do we have to go back to its original color? No, you can repaint it with the desired color or adapt it to your current interior design. Just stick to your own design rules!

Sand your ancient furniture and obtain all the shiny layers so the paint sticks well. Paint with a brush, it will take some time, but the results will be good too.

You can use a paint sprayer to make painting your ancient furniture easier. So you can save time and energy.

The paint has an extraordinary power to replace parts. This ancient white painted cabinet goes very well with rustic entrance decorations.

By really repainting your ancient furniture, you really save money while decorating the house. This ancient white cabinet matches the color of the walls, making it look simple but lovely.

With bright colors, your ancient furniture will look modern and astonishing. Add wall creations for kids that will make your room look stunning.

Painting ancient furniture in bright colors gives the room a fresh breath. Surrounded by thick yellow chairs, the green cabinet goes well with the comfortable blue carpet.

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2nd Convert to ombre style furniture

Have you been inspired to renovate your ancient, boring furniture? Give your ancient furniture a modern life with a hint of ombre. Surely it will be one of the DIY masterpieces in your home that deserves your Instagram feed.

This vintage wardrobe plays with different colors in two color lines to find the great ombre blue.

Image source

Original white furniture is painted black below. With some color combination techniques, this ancient wardrobe can look lovely.

Image source

The thick color of this cabin disappears upwards and creates an ombre work of art. This cabinet is very unique and interesting compared to just one note.

Image source

You can paint your ancient furniture to show your creativity and passion. This vintage cabinet with watercolor looks very kind in ombre color.

Image source

The ancient ombre wardrobe is very dramatic and adds a few decorations. Sloping branches, ceramic vases and murals complement the decor attractively.

Image source

If you have a daughter, coloring an ancient wardrobe with feminine colors can be an option. Mixed red and white colors in this way result in a lovely ombre feminine wardrobe.

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3rd Convert to an upholstered coffee table

Don't obtain rid of your ancient, boring coffee table. Give a modern life by placing an Ottoman style pillow on it. In this way, your ancient furniture has now become a beautifully upholstered coffee table.

You can go to a furniture repairer or even make your own using internet media. This ancient coffee table was successfully converted into a decorative Ottoman coffee table with small effort.

The ottoman consists of an ancient coffee table that has been renewed with a pattern that matches the color of this pillow. This upholstered coffee table will make your living room look more luxurious and elegant.

The patterned coffee table completes the purple sofa set in this living room. This lovely coffee table consists of an ancient and repaired ancient wooden coffee table.

Since the coffee table is already the right size and frame, all you have to do is add a small foam and cushion. If there is a shelf that you can use for storage, you can abandon the base open.

Image source

You can think of options or reuse an ancient coffee table as an ottoman instead of completely replacing it. This small rustic living room looks great with an upholstered coffee table and other complementary furniture.

Before proceeding with the idea of ​​throwing away your ancient coffee table and replacing it with an ottoman, you should make sure that this combination of elements fits your lifestyle.

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4th Compress your ancient furniture

You can create rustic masterpieces at home by unbalancing some ancient furniture. Although ancient furniture already looks ancient-fashioned, a unhappy technique is still required to release its ancient aura.

With its pistachio green chevron graphic background, this ancient wooden cabinet gives a modern home a modern look with all its simplicity.

Combine your ancient table by balancing the important curves with an elegant red vinyl chair. Add black and white carpets and wall decorations to decorate sweeteners.

View of a modern workplace with a hint of classic touch on an ancient wooden table. Hexagonal mushroom tiles in shades of blue and yellow complement modern decorations.

A classic shot of a wooden bedside table that feels feminine can be seen in this modern bedroom. Thanks to your cleverness in the arrangement of the room, the modern look is slightly subdued.

Image source

There are many ways to reuse your ancient furniture and create a fresh and modern look. Mixing with modern settings is the most common and will never fail.

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With a clean and simple arrangement, this guest room looks very inviting. Old wooden coffee tables next to modern furniture create an attractive look.

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5. Pastel painted chairs

Give your ancient furniture a pleasant feeling by painting with pastel colors. These colorful chairs can definitely bring fun to the atmosphere of your room. So let's bring this cute style to other types of furniture in the house.

The living room of a modern farmhouse is white from floor to ceiling. Old wooden chairs in pastel colors give a shade with brown chairs.

Image source

To guess the aging of ancient furniture, you can paint it in bright colors to commute the snapshot. Pastel-colored chairs and dining tables are the focus of this dining room decoration.

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Don't settle for just one color, you can paint your rattan dining chair in multiple colors with light pastel colors for a more attractive look.

Image source

By repainting ancient chairs with attractive colors, this modern house looks really modern without disturbing ancient furniture.

Image source

The pastel colors of the dining room chairs in this dining room, together with carpets and walls, form a bright and cheerful dining room.

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Prepare your ancient furniture to give your room a fresher atmosphere. This route is also cheaper than buying modern furniture.



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