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If your bedroom ceiling is low, the area will look smaller. If you do it wrong, it is more likely to make you feel tight. By choosing the right ceiling lights for bedrooms, you can make your bedroom more open and attractive. The most suitable idea for luminaires with a low ceiling is flush-mounted and semi-flush mounting.

Low ceiling


It is considered low if your ceiling is about 8 feet tall or even lower. It makes it difficult to find a ceiling lamp that is not a disadvantage for the entire interior, especially if you want more dramatic lighting in your sleeping area.

The rule is that the bottom of the ceiling light should be hung no less than 6 & # 39; inches above the floor. To avoid your head from hitting it while you move under you. Since the low ceiling is 8 feet high for you, there are only 16 heights left to add more impressive lighting ideas for bedrooms.

Recessed ceiling lights and recessed lights

Bedroom ceiling lighting

As previously mentioned, flush-mounted lights (and semi-flush lights) are one of the top options for a bedroom with a low ceiling. Properly installed, this type of ceiling lamp offers height and spacious illusion of space.

Bedroom ceiling lights

Recessed lights are the most common source of bedroom lighting ideas. They are literally wrapped around the ceiling because they are mounted directly on the ceiling surface. It provides more light with very few drops and thereby increases the distance from the ceiling.

  • Semi-flush mounting fixtures

Bedroom ceiling

This light hangs on a cope with and is usually 4 to 8 inches above the top of the light. The space between the ceiling and the luminaire creates an enhancement effect. It reflects the light from the ceiling and at the same time provides a more direct light downwards.

Ideal for interiors with low ceilings, flush mounting and semi-flush mounting, there are a variety of astonishing designs. Here are some tips on how to select them and apply them to ceiling lights for bedrooms.

Modern and contemporary

Cedar room lighting

It not only creates drama, but also modern ceiling lights for bedrooms make a statement. They are usually made in eye-catching and even unique (abstract) designs. It consists of typical metal-based materials in stylish lines and stylish and contemporary surfaces. Most modern concealed and semi-concealed ceiling lights are equipped with energy-efficient LEDs and an acrylic diffuser.


Bring nostalgia to your bedroom with an industrial look. Clear lines are generally dominated by flush and semi-flush ceiling lights. It is generally made of metal-based materials such as bronze, steel, zinc, chrome and wire.

The industrial elegance of the half-flush Sputnik-style chandelier made of black bronze, which was designed with several retro looks of LED lamps in Edison style in amber tones, can be an impressive example. It can add warmth and twist to your traditional master bedroom.


For this style, you can cover a light bulb with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped lid. Classic drum-shaped shades can be another option for glass or linen materials. In addition, glass or crystal ceiling lights in Tiffany style give your bedroom more color and a dramatic effect.

Classic and simple

For classic and simple bedroom lighting ideas, you can select lighting fixtures near the classic white ceiling. An example with a classic touch is a polished, chrome, flush-mounted ceiling light with a delicate, opal carved glass dome shade. Or for a more modern style, a flush mounting made of linen or glass and a flush mounting in a drum-shaped metal frame.

Bold color

Add more drama by adding vibrant splashes of color and bold patterns to the low ceiling lights in your bedroom. They can be striped, mosaic, classic Tiffany style, flower, tribal and even abstract.

The selection is unlimited, especially as the specially designed artificial shadow lighting is becoming increasingly popular. Colorful and cheerful shapes are ideal for ceiling lighting in children's rooms.

Create the illusion of height Bedroom ceiling lights it should go well with the surrounding interior. So a low ceiling in your bedroom doesn't mean you can't add dramatic lighting designs.

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