26 New ambience Small, breathable kitchen decor


Do you need small ideas for kitchen decorations? When you consider that the kitchen is one of the most visited areas of the house, you shouldn't let its small size affect your creativity! We have five ideas that you can easily find at home.

1. Light color carpet

If you want to open a comfortable carpet in your kitchen as well as a light carpet that can also serve as a single addition as a decorative addition, clean the floor better. Complete the look with matching glasses on open shelves to keep your herbs and cooking ingredients fresh.

Kilim plain weave has a bold design and earthy colors. They look great on the wooden floor of this modern kitchen.

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Using bright color schemes with dark kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a peaceful and stylish look.

Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns for a stylish, juicy and comfortable look. Thick orange walls, motif tiles and colorful carpets illuminate the atmosphere of the kitchen.

In this neutral kitchen, the hint of green and colorful boho carpets looked like a refreshing desert oasis.

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Give your kitchen a stylish boho touch by using a colorful motif rug that is central to the look of your kitchen.

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2nd Wire shelves

Nothing meant the word "storage", except hanging kitchen shelves for storing important utensils and dry spices. At mealtimes, you can try removing cabinet doors or placing them on open shelves.

Wire shelves are cleverly arranged with commonly used kitchen utensils that are easily accessible. If there are empty shelves, lightly decorate them with potted plants for a refreshing look.

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Make healthy snacks easier by keeping food that is good for you on an open shelf. Air can flow freely with the wire mesh so that the food is not damp.

This wire storage shelf adds an industrial look that can really complement stainless steel appliances in your small kitchen.

You don't have to have a lot of wall space to add wire shelves. This short wire mesh can fill the empty corner of your unused corner of your container.

If you don't have a lot of table space in the kitchen area, this can be the great solution for storing small appliances such as wire grids, microwaves or toasters.

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3rd Accent walls

It can be obtained with recycled wooden kitchen walls to obtain a super comfortable kitchen that you can cook all day with fun. Combine this decor with white cabinets, copper pots and dark jade tiles – all beautifully combined to create a stunning look.

With a small commute, you can commute the kitchen area to use time for art. Wood accents in almost all views make this kitchen very relaxing.

You can heat your small kitchen with tiles and recycled wooden walls. Extend them to a backsplash for an attractive look.

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Choosing the right tile for your kitchen can be a confusing decision as each type of tile has its own advantages and disadvantages. By adding recycled wood accents to the wall, everything is clearly visible.

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Decoration ideas made of wood and white look very fresh and bright. Wood accents with white walls are characterized by natural simplicity.

Kitchen walls with solid wood patterns, tiles in neutral colors and colorful kitchen cabinets ensure an interesting collaboration in this small kitchen.

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4th monochrome

The sophisticated style can be monochrome, with striped colors balancing gray if you want a subtle hint. After receiving the monochromatic kitchen, make sure to store the materials on the cake stands as they work and look good.

White furniture, including kitchen cabinets, adds elegance to any kitchen interior. Black spray paints create a refined, monochrome look.

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Contemporary-style prints were chosen with black paint to design the walls and tall cabinet to appear as a unit.

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Choosing monochrome shades for the kitchen design not only makes it easier to select a color scheme, but also allows you to customize the space.

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This dark kitchen is decorated in somber colors with various masculine tones that create a sophisticated and modern monochrome look.

This kitchen, which is expressed in almost all elements dark gray, is an excellent example of the atmosphere of monochrome. Like white, fog gray acts as a canvas for other devices.

As you expand the monochrome palette, you can play with different colors, textures and lines to add depth and character to a small kitchen.

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5. White lights

Use white taps in the kitchen to obtain this fresh combination of dark blue color in part of the kitchen (don't hesitate to select which one). Complete your look with a colorful rug to obtain more color.

Neutral kitchen decor has significantly more potential because it serves as a background for the visualization of your kitchen object.

Wood accents and carpets in the kitchen provide a warm and relaxing color with completely white kitchen utensils.

These refined backsplash tiles in the kitchen are characterized by the white collaboration in the closet on the wall. With some furniture, the touch of stainless steel gives the decorative look a dramatic look.

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The bright backsplash is a stylish way to add a splash of color to your white kitchen. You can easily add color without changing the style of the white kitchen.

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The choice of colors that reflect the modern look should be just as important for a relaxed and calming atmosphere as small kitchen furniture. White is a classic color and never fails.

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We wonder what small kitchen decor ideas to use!



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