9 DIY ideas during Corona Virus Lockdown


As the coronavirus pandemic makes extreme decisions about how to avoid the spread of different countries, some countries have to impose a lock that limits people to their homes for several weeks.

With the crash continuing, most of us have more time than necessary. The whole family is at home and we commence working from home. While it's simple to tackle the disadvantage of the situation, you can also see it as an opportunity. One opportunity to finally buy is to do things that have been delaying your home for a long time.

If you've lost what you can do, I've made a list that can help things obtain done in the right perspective:

# 1. Set up your home office

  • After the crash, most of us now have to work from home, and some of us may find it quite difficult. This may be because you placed your laptop on your bed. However, you couldn't be more wrong. This type of setup will tempt you to take a nap and you won't do much. Apart from that, there is also a bad attitude.

  • You should select a place and place a table and chair. Make a place that is well lit and at the same time is not easily disturbed. Think of the extension cord and make sure the background is available for conference video calls.

# 2. Furniture repair

  • If you have no idea how to obtain your hands dirty and restore furniture, you can take the time to repair ancient furniture. Update or repaint an ancient chair or shelf. It doesn't have to be too much, it's just there and a few clicks.

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  • If you do all of this, you need to make sure you are protected from all events. Everyone is more likely to have an accident at home, especially with children. And even if everything is everywhere, good home insurance on the Internet. You can browse theaa.ie to cognize the different covers that are great for you.

3. Disinfect your home

  • Because this microbe is spreading at an alarming rate, you need to protect yourself and your family. One of the few ways to do this is to make sure your environment is free of microbes. You should commence with the surfaces that are touched more often and then move on to other things.

  • In cases where you do not have access to disinfectants, you can mix bleach and water in a 4: 1 ratio.

4. Rearrange the house

  • With the extra time now is the top time to do a renovation. However, since you can't seek for modern furniture and everything, you can do so by rearranging what you have.
  • Play with modern positions for furniture and admire the magic that you can create.

5. Work on this cabinet

  • A messy closet is common because we are too busy to organize it regularly. However, it is finally the top time to dispel this point.

  • Arrange the cabinet so that you make optimal use of the storage space and remove all items that are no longer required (especially if you have not used it for a year or more).

6. Edit your documents

  • Setting up a workspace is not enough if you cannot easily access the documents you need. Make time to organize all documents for business and private life.
  • Scan to have digital copies on your difficult drive or cloud. The whole family must also cognize where the documents are so that they can be easily found in an emergency.

7. Organize your kitchen cabinets

  • It's time to clean your kitchen. To clean the cabinets, remove all parts from the cabinets and disinfect the cabinets. When you are finished, rearrange the items on different shelves according to the purpose. Canned food and dry food, spices, kitchen utensils, small appliances etc.

17 ideas for organizing kitchen cabinets bake in the oven utensil

  • Discard expired items. Put the ancient food in front of you so that you can easily find out what's going on.

8. Clean your bathroom

  • This is another point that does not obtain enough love as it can be very stressful and disgusting at home. However, now you can always obtain it with your hands. Clean the wall and floor tiles and don't forget the mortar. Pour the bleach into the toilet bowl and let it rest for a while. Also, don't forget to wash the shower curtain and cast out ancient toiletries. Disinfect all surfaces!

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9. Update your libraries

  • Take the time to work on your bookshelf and clean any books you no longer need. Reorder what you keep and possibly add modern ones. You can now collect and donate those you don't need. It will help to avoid boredom for many people at this time.

If you haven't gotten to it since the beginning of the year, this is the top time to obtain there. It helps you prepare for and live priorities after a pandemic.
If you already have a list, you can review and develop it at any time. You can add things like home projects, things you want to do with your kids, and career goals at any time.



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