23 top ideas for ash brown hair colors for 2020


There are so many great hair colors to try out. You should be ash brown. For those who have never heard of this color, it is a shade of brown with shades of gray. Shades of gray can be silver and expressive, or soft and subtle. Ash brown adds depth and is a great way to lighten darker hair colors. It will give hair a modern life without being too fat like a blonde color. We found 23 ash brown hair ideas to show you how lovely it can be. There are also different versions of the color and some cute styles.

1. Wavy ash brown hair

The first idea of ​​hair has a dark root color, which later turns into a light ash brown shade. It is a kind color and simple to carry. If you have darker hair, this is a great way to lighten it. We really love the style because the waves look so cute and summery. A cute style and color like this will suit everyone.

Wavy ash brown hair

Source: @carekayy

2. Blonde and ash brown hair

Next we have an idea of ​​ash brown and blonde hair. The hair is a lovely light brown shade with a blonde color in front and everywhere. The blonde is a great color for any brown hair as it offers an elevator, brightens and lets the sun kiss. The color combination suits every hair type. Recreate the entire style with voluminous curls.

Blonde and ash brown hair

Source: in @breakingbro

3. Dark brown and ash ombre rag

Are you looking for a trendy hair color? If so, look at that. We have ash-colored hair here that turns to an ash-gray color. It looks great with such a stylish hair idea and a gray brown tone. This will really liven up your hair and even if it makes a statement, the color is not too thick, making it simple to wear. Ombre would be great with such a bob.

4. Long and lovely brown hair

The next idea of ​​hair will be timeless and suitable for everyone. This look has long and curly brown hair with additional ash and yellow tones. By adding different color accents, you create multidimensional hair that looks more natural. It's a stunning hair idea and a great way to remove your hair and give it a modern life.

Long and beautiful brown hair

Source: @alvison_ha is

5. Ash Brown and Blonde Bob

Then there is a cute long bob that shows you. This is how the hair is cut into a classic bob and the hair starts dark brown with additional blonde and ash blonde highlights. The idea of ​​such stunning hair and blonde and ash brown looks fantastic together. Both color and cut are very fashionable and can be shortened even more with the hair length. A chic chin-length bob would look great.

Ash Brown and Blonde Bob

Source: @glenhew

6. stylish or curly hair

We have another hair idea here that shows two ways to style the hair. On the one hand there is stylish and long ash brown hair, on the other hand lovely and curly. Both have a lovely color and both styles look lovely. It just shows how stylish ash brown balayage with different hairstyles will look.

Straight or curly brown hair

Source: in @breakingbro

7. fine ash brown hair

How lean and simple to wear hairstyles? If so, look at that. The hair is darker at the root and then the hair turns light ash brown. This color commute is restrained, so that the hair gets tangled up beautifully. Hair like this is great for those who have darker hair and want to lighten the hair color without being too bold or dramatic.

Fine ash brown hair

Source: @sokiestylist

8. Ash Brown and Blonde Ombre

This next hair idea is one of our favorites. The hair is dark brown, then it has ashy shades and finally turns blonde. This color mix creates such a stylish ombre look. If you want trendy and hair transplanting hair, this is great for you! This color idea works top for longer hair because it really shows the color commute.

9. Stylish bob

Then there's a bob that we'll show you. Again the hair becomes darker and then turns lighter ash brown with blonde tones. The hair looks highlighted, so the dark color really needs an elevator. This highlighted bob is very cute and simple to carry. A similar cut and color suit everyone.

Stylish bob hairstyle idea

Source: @ovolkov

10. Ashy Balayage highlights

We're obsessed with the next idea of ​​hair! The hair is very dark, highlighted in ash brown and gray. It shows a hint of really ashy color because it's such a lovely color combination and the hair is wavy. This lovely and bold hair idea sets you apart from the crowd. Such a color combination can also be used for light brown hair.

Ash brown balayage highlights

Source: @thathairmagic

11. Ash brown and blonde properties

The next idea of ​​hair is great for summer. The hair is long with ash brown and blonde highlights. We love it because the ash brown and light blonde look great together. This hair looks like a sun kiss and is a great way to put makeup on your hair for the summer season. Try a similar color combination with beach waves and you'll be wearing a must-have hairstyle.

12. Ash gray melt

Next, we have another idea of ​​ombre hair. This time the hair ash is brown and the hair becomes light gray in the middle. This is the idea of ​​a sleek and understated hair color, but you still obtain that fashionable ombre look. Hair like this is simple to care for and wear. If you decide that the ash color is not for you, it simply grows.

13. Breathtaking ash blonde waves

How waves and ash blonde color? If so, look at that. There is an ash brown color with dark brown hair. It is a lovely and glamorous hairstyle and it is very simple to wear the color. You can restore that understated look or add some blondes that really lighten the hair.

Breathtaking ash blonde waves

Source: @mo_hairstyle_

14. Dark brown, ash brown and blonde

If you like stronger colors, you should see this hair idea. For this look, it's a lovely dark brown hue on the hair root. Halfway down the hair turns ash brown and finally towards the tips that the hair is blonde. The colors are a stylish way to give stunning, dark hair very light blonde, as the ashy tone connects everything together.

Dark brown, ash brown and blonde

Source: @colorbyloreee_

15. Easy to wear hair color

The next idea of ​​hair shows a different look that is simple to wear. This hairstyle has long and wavy hair with an additional ash brown color. We love this because it lightens the ash brown hair and gives it depth, but the overall style is still stylish and timeless. Colors like this only brighten hair that feels dull and lifeless.

Easy to wear hair color

Source: @thathairfriend

16. Ashy Balayage Ombre

Next up is an ash brown balayage. So the hair is long and curly. The hair appears dark brown at the root, then melts to an ashy tone and finally to yellow. Make such a statement and a stylish look. We love very light blondes, just wow. If you want to completely transform your hair, this is the one for you.

17. Light ash brown hair idea

We love this next hairstyle. For this look, we have light ash brown hair that later turns into a yellow hue towards the hair. Both the cut and the color are very lovely and they will brighten your look. This is a stylish color combination for everyone. Recreate it or add more, and you can be braver with blonde.

Light ash brown hair idea

Source: @ rubyna.kim

18. Glam Ash Brown Waves

Looking for a stylish color and glamorous hairstyle? If so, you should see this. Here we have long hair that is half brown. The hair is also transformed into lovely waves. A very stylish and breathtaking idea. Such a color will only give the hair a lift if the style is lovely. Such waves can be worn for any occasion.

19. Brown and Blonde Ombre

This next hair idea is another ombre look. Thus the hair is approximately medium length and starts dark with additional ash brown and hot blonde. The blonde colors we saw were cooler and lighter, but this shows how a warmer and ashy shade complements darker hair. You can create a similar color on long hair.

Brown and blonde ombre

Source: @toby_doesha is

20. dark brown ash hair

How lean and simple to wear looks? If so, look at that. Here we have added lovely brown hair with an ash brown color. The color commute is fine, but as you can see, it brightens the hair. Both the color and the style look stunning and the whole look fits everyone. This color combination looks lovely with a shorter cut.

21. Trendy Ash Brown Cut

Next up is a trendy cut and color. For this look, it's dark brown and dark brown at the hair root. This color has more shades of gray, which further explains the ashes to brown. We love to cut shorter with waves, it looks very stylish. Hair like this fits all women and looks great for spring and summer.

Trendy Ash Brown Cut

Source: @hairbykathyyy

22. lovely curls

Do you like lovely and curly styles with an ash brown color? Then this may be great for you. Here she has ash brown hair with a light blonde color. It is a very stylish color combination and looks very glamorous with curls. If you want a full hair rejuvenation, such a cut and color is great. Blonde hair really gives a lift.

Beautiful curls

Source: in @breakingbro

23. Ash Coffee Bob

The final hair idea includes another cute bob. For this look, the hair root is super dark and then turns into an ashy halftone. The hair is cut and transformed into a stylish, angled bob. We love everything about this style and it's another great look for summer.

Ash Coffee Bob

Source: @ salon_58

We anticipate you found a kind ash brown hairstyle to try!



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