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floating house eclectic deck

Studio in San Francisco LOCZI design Partnership with DuGarry construction To create this dreamlike floating home in Sausalito, California. The landlord is a successful professional and self-proclaimed "hippie" who fell in love with this house from the moment he saw it.

Combined with a close community and a breathtaking view of Tiburon and Belvedere, this offered an idyllic oasis from the busy city life. The boat had a lot of potential, but had to be fundamentally revised. This houseboat was renovated ten years ago, including the replacement of windows and the water resistance of the house.

floating house-stylish shabby deck

So far, the host (and his dog) has been striving to bring some modern ideas to life in this two bedroom, two bathroom boathouse. As a world traveler, he had an astonishing and varied collection of furniture and art. It also has an incredibly bold design sensibility that gives the design team a playground for creativity.

above: The large area was already available, all it needed was some sunbrella pillows for a fun splash of color. It is actually a special work of art for the deck, which at first glance looks like a surface carpet. Design team commissioned Londubh studio paint directly on the flooring.

floating house-versatile dining room

What we love: This charming houseboat has a unique and personal aesthetic – everything perfectly adapted to the passion of the Bohemian owner of everything. This is a very special home for bathtub planters on tile kitchen backsplash deck in the bathroom. We love the use of color, design and texture. This home entertainment and inspiring home is both joyful and relaxing.

Tell us: Can you live in this floating house or do you cognize that it's a small too fun and colorful? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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floating house-versatile living room

Half of the bottom of this floating house, which consists of three floors, is under water. This helps to keep the lower area about 30 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. In order to equalize the temperature, it is applied throughout the body using radiant heat.

floating house-versatile living room

above: In the living room there is a colorful mah-jong area by Roche Bobois. Grounding this area is an Avo leather rug.

floating house-versatile-kitchen

above: The cabinets are from Dura Supreme and the color is graphite. Hardware from Schaub & Company.

eclectic kitchen backsplash detail

above: In the kitchen, ceramic tile backsplash is known as the "Arc Versitile Series". The color is carbon mat from Global Tile Design in San Francisco.

floating house-versatile guest room

above: Horchow bedside tables, bed and bed linen were supplied in the guest room. The carpet and the 60-inch round mirror were part of a trip abroad.

floating house-eclectic-deck-vintage tub plants

above: This iron claw foot tub was newly made from one of the bathrooms. It is used today as a lovely succulent garden. Bent slot. Pay attention to the head of the statue woman at the end of the tub !?

eclectic bathroom shower

floating house-versatile master bedroom

above: The project team restructured the layout and created a larger bedroom. This was accomplished by moving doorways and tearing a wall out of the office.

eclectic master bedroom sideboard

above: The wallpaper is the Grand Blotch Damask by the Scottish company Timorous Beasties.

floating house-versatile-bathroom

above: Wall planters by landscape architects, Bent slot.

eclectic bathroom shower

above: The large shower cubicle in the main bathroom has a unique tile design. Tiles are 2 blue x3 "Japanese tiles.

eclectic ceiling detail

eclectic chair sketch

Asian bath

Asian bath

above: The two-story indoor and outdoor bathroom has a Japanese bathtub, an ethanol fireplace, and a Moroccan brass pendant.

Asian bath

Photos: Margot Hartford

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