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Deni hugs Kai and Zeph

Hello everybody! Posting large (virtual + social distance compatible) hugs your way. I wanted to check in and see how you did it.

I wanted to write this article in full when things changed, but I was paralyzed. I had no words. I wanted to act to support all of you, but I didn't cognize how. Now I seek that I am working on my own feelings and it will take some time to obtain to a point where I seek words and actions.


It looks like I shouldn't be using genuine names for the virus, otherwise I could scare advertisers from my website. Is he crazy

What are you doing my friend I'm in a good place right now, but I definitely felt like I was going through the stages of grief. At first there was anger, denial, sadness. But more recently I have found a place of acceptance and "How can we do this work?".

I have good and bad days. Feeling unhappy is not a problem, it is difficult for everyone. I personally cognize that I have to feel my feelings to obtain through them. I let myself sit and feel it.

How do I support my mental health?

  1. Choose how many messages I useAt first I was stuck on TV and on my cell phone. I wanted to consume all the news. I had to cognize every horrible detail about the epidemic. That didn't help at all. I and I just started * watching * at 6 a.m. and that's a lot more useful. We obtain the information we need and then move on to today.
  2. Mute people on Facebook and Instagram– We all have these people in life. Those who report pandemics several times a day. You can temporarily move people on Facebook and mute people on Instagram. It's great not to see your posts without your friends
  3. commence the day– I do Yoga for 10 minutes It is routinely continued from yoga through Kassandra's YouTube channel and is a great way to obtain your first job in the morning. My two year ancient child joins me (and climbs everywhere) and it's fun!
  4. Combine movement– I cognize that I feel 1000 times better when I go for a walk at 2 a.m. or do the exercise routine. I devoted myself to this topic every day and it immediately helped my mood. It is difficult when you are unhappy and want to climb in bed, but when you move your body you will feel much better! I trained something Heather Robertson and really like them!
  5. prepare food-I cognize we are at home and the preparation of food looks stupid, but I tell you that the preparation of food will save mental health so much. I have cooked ingredients for dinner and that means I only have to put something in the oven at 4am. This saves me a lot of mental health and I find the therapeutic preparation process for eating (really a kind of self-care)

These five things helped me a lot. Doing these things can be difficult, but I promise that even one of them can be very useful.

Children in cardboard dress


In addition to my own mental health, I also try to take care of my children's mental health. Kai & # 39; s year of education ended suddenly and unexpectedly. We cannot go to the playgrounds or see our friends. We definitely feel an emotional tension and do our top to work with our emotions and stay busy.

In the past 3 weeks we have found some good resources to keep our children quarantined and tired.

Here are my favorite resources for children:

  • Daily schedulethis printable program Lean Green Beans really helped build buildings today. While he wants him to run free and play quietly, this is not my child. He needs to cognize what we're doing that day and wants to be part of the decision-making process. Having to write this program helped him (although it was very difficult for him to write something on some days).
  • Go noodle– apparently Go to the noodle website For breaks in Kai & # 39; s school. If you have a very energetic child and it is as cold outside as here, this is a great site!
  • Busy walks– I'm following him Instagram account and they have really great ideas to keep babies busy.

James + giant peach

Tips I've learned in the past 3 weeks:

  • New ritualsThis is very modern for everyone, but I thought it would be fun to develop modern rituals. When children think so far, I anticipate they don't remember fear + fear but these funny rituals:
    • Saturday night movie night– We bake cookies, poppopcorn and watch films unless we can keep our eyes open
    • Roald Dahl box set– We read each other in Roald Dahl's books. So far we have read James + Giant Peach and have arrive to Matilda. I love it when Kai thinks of these books he will remember them this time in our lives.
  • Limit screen time– Yes, we do more screen time than usual, but it still needs to be edited (at least for my child). If the screen time is completely unlimited, we have an absolute nightmare ?
  • Positive motivation– We deal with simple things like getting dressed, brushing your teeth and eating. So I cognize we have to commence our work table again. Our job has a number of simple tasks that need to be done to win television. We're going to add things like "play outside" because that's another thing we're struggling with.

We're really starting to seek that … suddenly we're supposed to be parents studying with a child at home while working from home, and that sounds pretty impossible. In the past few weeks, however, I've found that we're much stronger than we thought, and we can do it completely!

Cooking pantry punch

We cook

If you are a member of our Facebook group, you cognize that we are cooks! We would like to have you Join us here.

Aims: to motivate each other with what we have in our pantry, to connect with each other in this crazy time in which we live and to give the current situation some normalcy

How it works:

1️⃣ a recipe with the pantry you have (don't go to the grocery store for additional ingredients, and if you're wondering about replacing and replacing, feel free to inquire the group!). We will have lunch recipes in week 1 and dinner in week 2.

Post a picture in the group

3️⃣ cheer each other on because we all need it now

We will receive a reward once a week. The winner will receive an Amazon gift card worth $ 50 and a second Amazon gift card worth $ 50, which they will pass on to those in need.

It was very heartwarming to obtain together, to support each other and to obtain recipe ideas from all over the world.

Plans for preparing food

Food sources

After overcoming my paralysis with the whole situation, I put myself together and put together some resources to help you cook during the pandemic:

I also share what I cooked for my family during this time. Instagram stories. If you have any questions, please send me a message.

Guys, these are really tough times. Wherever you are or whatever you live, I send you a lot of love. A large thank you to all of our frontline medical professionals and our core services. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Stay secure + good,



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