22 highly functional ideas for washbasins


The bathroom is a room that can affect your mood. Nice, clean and tidy Bathroom design makes you happier and more relaxed after use. You can relax your muscles with a pleasant bath after various strenuous activities. A bathroom design can be started by specifying the desired bathroom style as follows. simple modern bathroom Design or festive bathroom design depending on bathroom size. Then adapt it to your needs.

Single mirror

The bathroom is also an area that makes it difficult to separate with a mirror. The size of the mirror and the shape used for the bathroom range from small to the size that dominates all corners of the bathroom. If the narrow space of your bathroom is a problem, you can place an oval mirror in the corner of the room. This will help you have a visually spacious bathroom.

This is a light blue bathroom cabinet with shades of gray. This is paired with a wardrobe at the ceiling next to it. Then there is a single sink with a round mirror above the vanity. The drawer cope with is silver-colored and translucent like a mirror frame and neon lights.

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Create plenty of storage space for large groups of people entering and leaving the house in this spacious bathroom. While this dressing table offers plenty of storage space in the cabinet, the washbasin with front apron protects the cabinet from water.
The astonishing storage makes this floating makeup an ideal choice in the bathroom. In addition, four large drawers propose space for hairdressers, cosmetics, towels and other important items and thus ensure a clean and tidy appearance.
It uses a combination of open and closed storage to ensure efficient organization in the bathroom. Open shelves provide simple access to towels, while drawers, tall cabinets and high-voltage cabinets store toiletries, beauty products, cleaning products, and everyday necessities.
The bathrooms usually have limited space, so it is very important to create as much storage space as possible on the dressing table. In addition, the double sink pays attention to steps that are no longer required to have multiple sinks in the small master bathroom, and focuses more on storage.

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Turn this antique wooden buffet table into a dressing table for the bathroom. The clever combination of wall shelves allows you to conveniently store towels and your daily needs.
The use of specially designed furniture as a dressing table for the bathroom with a combination of open floor and high legs helps to create a feeling of lightness and openness. It's wide enough to use makeup underneath to store soap, towel, and extra toilet paper rolls.

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Although the size of the mirror is small, the makeup described therein is designed for a lot of clever storage. While this make-up drawer becomes a special laundry lock, the wooden drawer shows a partition for creams, toothbrushes and others that are simple to arrange.
Compressing the extra storage on the small vanity can be difficult. Choose a dressing table with a bottom drawer to store hair styling and toiletries. The sink of the jar offers more storage space on the dressing table.
Do you think that as many functional organizations as possible are involved in the dressing table? It is one of those long cabinets that use vanity, wood vinyl in the bathroom and are equipped with a bathtub, a large mirror and natural light.
If you prefer to share the mirror area and have a more integrated look in your bathroom, a large mirror over both sinks may be the one for you. Large mirrors have the advantage that you can combine your bathroom and create a single focus in the room.

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Double mirror

A bathroom is not complete today without a mirror. Because its function is not only to look in the mirror, but rather as decoration with a certain feeling in the bathroom. More attractive mirror designs make it easier to select the mirror that suits your taste. If you have a large bathroom, you can put a pair of mirrors in your bathroom.

When you hang up your mirrors, you don't just have to deal with the easy shapes. If the rest of your bathroom design is simple, a unique and artistic mirror or mirror set can serve as both a functional and creative design element in your bathroom.
The open storage on a stylish and modern dressing table contributes to the spa style of this bathroom. Instead of storing your items, drawers are useful for storing personal items and beauty products, although the shelves are great for towels or baskets.
The use of two rectangular mirrors is the most common solution to the problem of double cosmetic mirrors. With two rectangular mirrors, each person is responsible for their own mirror, and there is never a competition that monopolizes the mirror first
You can use a small rectangular mirror that also functions as a personal medicine cabinet, or a long, lean mirror that provides additional reflection on a dressing table and two sinks.
Depending on how much wall space you need for your two mirrors, you can hang a large one or fill the entire wall with enormous walls that reach the ceiling.
Just like the rectangular mirror, the two square mirrors on the sink give everyone their own personal space and make them responsible for cleaning.
Make your bathroom soft with two round mirrors. Without the difficult edges of squares or rectangles, the circles create a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere.
Two round mirrors are used in the bathroom, the edges of which are not circles. This creates a more pleasant and soothing vibration in your bathroom. The bathroom can also reflect who you are and what you love.
If your bathroom is smaller, you want to see more floors. This style of choice creates a psychological space that makes the bathroom less crowded. The white vanity used here is excellent. The bathroom has a traditional wardrobe.
The ship's sink has a contemporary rectangular piece that stands on a bright white table. The cabinet under the sink is made of vinyl wood, while the wall above the sink is made of bright white tiles. The bathroom ceiling has 2 backlit mirrors.
Above the dressing table, two square mirrors with white walls, which are identical to the dressing table, and white hide lights provide shadow-free under-lighting, ideal for flawless shaving and flawless make-up. Luminous fittings and steel fittings propose a kind capacity in the bathroom.

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In the bathroom, the mirror is used to make the room appear large in addition to its function as a breathing medium. In addition to the mirrors, the bathroom can feel bright without additional light. Therefore, you should put a mirror in your bathroom as it has an unexpected function.



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