23 Beautiful Shellac Nail Art Design and Ideas


Shellac nails are a form of durable nail polish that is gentler on your natural nails because it lasts longer and can be easily removed. When you go to the nail salon, you usually see gel and shellac. But you may be wondering what the difference is? We are here to help. Both manicures are secure and give good results, but there are several advantages, and today we're going to tell you what you need to cognize.


1. Shellac can be easily removed.

Shellac gel is thinner than polish, so it's much easier to remove and takes a lot less time.

2. Shellac polishes are the latest.

Although the varnishes are thinner, they have the toughness of the gel and usually last for several weeks.

3.can be better for shellac nails

Shellac can be gentler on the nails because it can be used for all nail lengths and shapes. It's not used to lengthen your nails, so it's just a permanent terminate. As mentioned earlier, it is easier to remove and the products used are better for gel than for nails. Therefore, your nails are in better condition after the shellac, as the nails can be damaged when removing the gel.

After you cognize some advantages, let's take a look at some astonishing shellac nail designs!

1. Light pink shellac nails

First of all, we have this light pink nail look. This mania has a delicate pink nail color in a stylish round nail shape. It is an simple-to-wear color and suits everyone. So you can keep your nails simple or jazz with rhinestones and glitter. This mania was created with CND shellac polish in the shadow Cake Pop.

Light pink shellac nails

Source: @treatmentroomsbristol

2. Funny and colorful nail idea

With such a design, apply a colorful and fun make-up to your nails. Each nail is painted in a different color, including pink, blue, and orange. It would be great for a stylish mania and summer! You can recreate this look or use five different colors. You might even try five pastel colors or five neon colors. In any case, your nails look great.

3.Naked shellac nails

If you love bare nail colors, this idea is for you. Three different colors are used for this look. Most nails are slightly bare and the other two nails are a few tones darker. It is a stunning color combination and is very stylish and elegant. Such nails look fantastic on every occasion. It would be a great mania for a wedding.

Naked shellac nails

Source: @snezhananailss

4. White polka dot nails

Next we have a unique propose idea that we would like to show you. Here we have cute accent nails and light and short nails. The accent nail contains a small orange carrot. We love this cute idea and it's great for those who want to wear trendy nails. Also ideal for those who love Easter. You can buy carrot or rabbit nail stickers online and create a similar look at home.

5. Navy shellac nails with shimmer

The next nail look is one of our favorites! This manicure also has a dark blue color with a subtle silver shimmer. Soft glitter and dark blue color are a very eye-catching combination. A nail color like this would be great for the fall and winter seasons. It would be great for a very glamorous and special occasion. You can recreate this look in the shade with CND shellac polish in midnight swim.

Glowing navy shellac nails

Source: @hannahroxit

6.Naked nails with neon tips

Do you love orange? If so, you should check out these cute nails! For this look, all nails are a light nude shade with neon orange ends. We love this because you wear orange, but it's kept stylish and stylish due to the bare color. Such a mania is great for those who want to try a light color without being too brave. You can recreate this or even try it naked with a different colored hint. Blue or purple would also be lovely.

Neon orange tip nails

Source: @marta_yurinets

7. Black Glitter Shellac Nails

Next we have another glamorous nail idea that we want to show you. This time, most of the nails are black and shimmering and have an accent nail. The accent nail is white with striking leaf nail art. Restore this look or you can have all black shiny nails. You can also try using different colors for leaf accent nails. A silver leaf would look lovely with black glitter and white.

8. Elegant and light nails with glitter

The next nail idea is another sparkling idea. Most nails for this look are painted in a lovely nude color and have a bright pink accent nail and a simple white nail. The bare color looks lovely and the glow gives a bit of shine and glamor. This is another mania that is great for parties and special occasions. You can even add more rhinestones to the design, this will look stunning.

Elegant short nail art design

Source: @nail_sunny

9. Shellac neon nail design

Be brave and try such a bright neon nail design! Most nails are painted in a different vivid and lively shade. There are also two accent nails. One has a pink, red, and yellow smoke pattern, while the other has a pink, green, and yellow hue. Neon colors complement the smoke design perfectly. You can recreate this, or we think the smoke design will look great on its own.

Neon Smoke Shellac Nails

Source: @nailedbymal

10.Naked shellac nails with shine

If you want a kind mania for a special occasion, this is great for you! Most nails for this look have a stylish, bare color and there are two accent designs with gold shimmer! One accent nail glows gold, while the other is bare with two gold glitter lines. Together, nude and gold look very elegant and luxurious. Such nails are great for parties, weddings and holidays.

11.Red nails with glittering nails art

Bright red is a stylish, popular and classic color. This next mania shows how to wear it in style! Most nails have a bright red color and there are two accent nails. Both accented nails are red with a bright gold triangle next to the cuticle. Red and gold are another astonishing color combination. It would be great for Christmas. With red shellac, nail tape, and gold glitter, you can achieve a similar look. Paint your nails, create a triangle with duct tape, and paint the golden glitter inside.

12. Cute nail design

This next idea is one of our favorites! Here's a shellac mania with a stylish and cute cactus design. The four nails are dull green, one is light pink with a green cactus pattern and the other nail has a black heart print. We love the color combination, it's great for summer. In online tutorials, you can show how you can easily paint these designs.

Cute shellac nail design for short nails

Source: @nailedbymal

13. Dark nails with glitter

Next we have another nail idea that is great for fall. This manicure has a dark and strong purple hue that is painted on four nails. One nail glows completely pink and the other has a shimmering accent. The color is lovely and glitter is a must for fall while adding a touch of magic. Of course, you can obtain a similar look with no shimmer or glitter.

Pink glitter dark nails

Source: @nail_sunny

14. Light blue shellac nails

If you are looking for stylish nail art you should check out this next idea. There are light blue shellac nails and two accent nails. Both accented nails have a simple white design. The simple design is enchanted by rhinestones in light pink and blue colors. You can create a design that resembles the colors you want.

White and light blue nail design

Source: @nail_sunny

15.Naked nails with trendy nail art

Do you love nude nail designs? If so, look at this mania. These nails are painted in a soft and graceful nude shade and have an accent nail. The accent nail is bare with a thick black stripe with a silver sheen in the middle. We love it because black nail art with bright nude colors is so breathtaking. This is a lovely look that is great for a party. You can recreate the line with similar nail colors and nail tape.

16. Glam and lovely shellac nails

The colors for this next mania are very bright and lovely. Most nails have a stylish light pink shade and a bright accent nail. It is a lovely nail design that is suitable for everyone and fits every occasion. Nails like this are great for prom, wedding, graduation, etc.

Light pink nail design

Source: @nail_sunny

17. Black coffin nails

Black is a very stylish and trendy color. Then we have a cute way of wearing black. All nails for this look are shiny black. As you can see, black and coffin-shaped nails look great together. This is a stylish and simple to use look. It would be great for parties. You can recreate this or add a shine or rhinestones for a more glamorous look.

Short coffin shellac nails

Source: @_tugba_aktar_

18. Trendy nail color with a glitter accent nail

Then we have a trendy shellac manicure for you. The nails are painted in a stylish cool shade of gray and one nail is silver and shimmering. We love the color combination and a gray lacquer like this fits all events, nail shapes and lengths. You can replicate glitter and gray for a glittery look, or wear gray for a sleek and minimal mania.

19. Fashionable blue nails with shine

If you like the blue nail look, you should see this next idea. Here we have bright metallic blue painted nails. Both nails contain a shimmering art. This is a fun, bold and trendy mania that is suitable for everyone. A blue color like this is great for summer and can be worn with or without a shimmer. You need CND shellac polish in the Lost Labyrinth to restore the blue mania.

Stylish blue nails with shine

Source: @heikebienek

20. Elegant shellac nails with lovely nail art and glitter

The next nail idea is another idea that is great for the fall season. Three nails are painted in a dark red shade, one has pretty leaf nail art, and the last nail is covered with a golden sheen. This is an elegant nail design that uses fall-inspired colors and nail art. These nails can be worn all season, but maybe only red and gold.

Elegant shellac nails with beautiful nail art and glitter

Source: @anet_manik

21. Matt and light purple design

Purple is another popular color and we can see why with such nail designs! The two nails are matte and dark purple, the other nails are light purple. Purple shades are stunning and different textures are very trendy. Purple colors like this are suitable for every season and every occasion. Recreate this look or just try a purple texture.

22. Shimmering blue dark blue nails

Then there is a blue look. This time, the nails have a shiny accent nail, most of which are dark blue and light blue. The blue colors are lovely, bold and stylish. A fun nail design that will really liven up your look. Use both colors, otherwise your nails will look lovely on their own with blue color.

Navy blue nails with a blue sheen

Source: @levina_nails_

23. Shimmering red shellac nails

The final nail design we have to show you is great for the fall, winter and holiday season. All of these nails are painted in a lovely and wealthy dark red shade. The red color used is also sparkling. It is very glamorous and lovely. Such a mania would be great for Christmas Day. This look was created with the CND shellac in the shade of Garnet Glamor.

Shimmering red shellac nails

Source: @hannahroxit

We anticipate you were inspired by these shellac nails!



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