54 creative DIY projects for your budget apartment decoration


You don't have to buy modern things for everything to beautify your workload. Here you can save your budget by doing DIY for something that can be done with this project. Not only can you protect your budget, you can also satisfy yourself by doing things based on your own desires and needs. It depends on the design as well as the form or the additional features you would like to have.

For your housing project, you can do both decoration and furniture at the same time. For decoration you can create wall decorations such as a dream catcher, your own picture or any craft. You can also make your own planter by simply painting it, wrapping it with fabric or paper, and more. Use your creativity and imagination. We will show you some references here that will help you when dealing with ideas.

Wooden board with hooks for storing cups

Use a DIY staircase to keep towels in your bathroom

Place DIY shelves made of natural colored wood in the bathroom of your apartment

Contemporary DIY wooden table

Create a unique DIY potholder to beautify your home

Create creative ornaments and panels with your photos

Creative home improvement with wooden material

Decorate your walls with hollow pot shelves

Dining room with DIY wooden table and yellow chairs

DIY tumble dryer for your apartment laundry room

DIY hat hook for apartment bedroom

DIY natural colored wooden shelf

DIY shoe rack to obtain you started

DIY wire hooks for the kitchen

DIY wooden mirror frame with shelves

DIY wooden flower pot holder

DIY wooden shelves on the wall

Elegant DIY metal staircase

Hang plants on the wall with wooden shelves

Hang houseplants on this blue string

Build a versatile iron shelf to store books and decorate your home

Metal hooks and small metal containers to decorate your walls

Rustic DIY wooden table

Shoe racks are equipped with hangers

Simple DIY wooden knife hook should be cleaner

Natural color vintage DIY furniture

Wall decoration with branches

White cabinet with a small wire mesh on the side

Wooden boards floating on the wall are equipped with stationery

Wooden coffee table for the living room

DIY wooden headboard with natural color

Wooden table with iron legs

Image source

Nice blanket and piece of wood with hairpin legs

Beautiful fairy lights with image display

Creative wall corner shelf

DIY lantern with light chain set

Floating shelf turns into an elegant table

Hanging rope stand

This palette is combined with lovely lights and houseplants to decorate your walls.

This unique piece of wood can be made into a lovely table for your living room

White DIY coffee table

Image source

A portable kitchen island with wood and pipe materials

Beautiful DIY wall art

Nice DIY makeup shelf

Foldable clothes dryer

Hexagonal wooden shelves

Simple DIY pipe holder

Vertical planter for indoor plants

Image source

DIY clothes rack with rope

The top DIY mason jar storage

Step storage

Rustic DIY stair bookcase

Simple and creative DIY photo display

Vertical clog store

Image source

Of the above references, wood is mainly used. The reason is that wood is very cheap and simple to find. It is very flexible as it can be converted into different designs and purposes. From the ornament to the furniture, they can all be covered with fabulous wood. If you have the ancient wooden pallet, you can use it. However, if you don't have it, you can definitely buy it in the store.

So keep in mind that you can also use fabrics, beads, paper, bottles and other materials. Trust me, it will definitely be fun to create your own things to complete your apartment furnishings. You obtain a sense of belonging that affects how you can look after and live in your apartment. Prepare your own DIY project now. Happy life!



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