45 free lovely mountain backgrounds that you should download for iPhone today


If you're looking for iPhone wallpapers with lovely pictures of mountains, you've arrive to the right place!

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No matter whether you hunt mountain wallpaper in spring, autumn, summer or winter, here is everything! There are also mountain wallpapers with lake views, forests, roads and more!

You can save as much wallpaper as you want. Just to cognize that choosing one can be difficult!

To save wallpapers for your background:

Desktop : Right click to save, save in your downloads and bark on your phone or send an email to save on your phone.

On mobile devices : Hold and save the image or save the screenshot.

And now we arrive to the pictures!

45+ lovely mountain backgrounds for iPhone

Road trip

Winter at the lake

Forests and mountains

Pastel mountains

Living nature


Mountain landscape

Sunset clouds

Boy with a view

Trees and mountains

Mountain hills and green

Get up and shine

Mountains and forests

Cold and calm

Sunset in the mountains

Lost in Europe …

Shrouded in clouds

Ocean rocks

Mirrored mountains

Tropical river

Africa sunrise

Lively and nervous

Winter wonderland

Road with less traffic

Lord of the rings

Enlighten me

Canadian landmarks

Idyllic summer days

Goodbye, sun

Blue purple


Sharp edges

Lakes and mountains

Take me to nature

Mountain landscape in the sunset

Pastel views

Dark and moody

Night sky

Get up and shine

Pink sky

Pink blue

Magic sky


Mount Fuji

Winter landscape

All of these wallpapers work well as screensavers, lock screen backgrounds, and simple wallpapers.

Let me cognize which of these wallpapers is your favorite and which you will use later on your phone!

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