10 important things for the daily spa at home


What happens when you use this time to pamper yourself? It is simple to bend Beauty products Create modern Home spa! Check out these ideas.

Take a day to pamper yourself. It's that simple today Beauty tips to create your own spa routine at home. Do not worry! If you don't have any of these products, we also propose options so you can order online.

1. Scented candles

No relief in the afternoon without scented candles or natural essences, right? Choose whether to commence your bathroom Spa routine on the right foot at home. If you are not at home, we recommend these that you can buy online Bathing and body work.

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2. Scrub the skin

Peels help you remove the cells on your skin. It helps your skin renew itself and feels soft and smooth. Which brushes do we recommend? Check out these ideas: 10 peels you can do with the materials you have at home

3. Hair mask

If you want to feel a treatment that moisturizes and restores your hair without spending too much money, you can find it in Garniers Fructis. Walmart.


4. Corpora oil.

The oils not only help you give your body a delicious massage, but there are also oils that help to tighten, moisturize and care for your skin. This from Claudalie fulfills all of these functions and adds a delicious fragrance. Buy from Sephora.

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5. Facial cleanser

Take the opportunity to cleanse your skin thoroughly and remove dirt. To achieve this, we recommend using FOREO LUNA play plus. T-Sonic lines are transferred through soft silicone filaments to effectively clean pores, 99.5% dirt and oil, as well as dead cells and makeup residues. You can order Amazon by clicking here.


6. Face mask

To further cleanse your skin, add charcoal masks to help you cleanse your skin thoroughly. We recommend from Bioré where you can do this Ask Wlamart. If you prefer something natural, check out these ideas: Home spa: homemade face masks and brushes


7. Moisturizer for the face

You can't miss a deep moisturizer to show shiny skin. WATERBURST Hydrated Glow Moisturizer is a water cream that instantly hydrates for 72 hours. Finally, apply your facial to your face. Buy it here.


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8. Shower gel.

You cannot end your spa routine at home without a delicious and relaxing shower gel. That is why we recommend this FRESH taste. a Refreshing formula that gently revitalizes and cleanses the skin, with a fragrance that captures the last cool moment. Buy it here.


9. Perfect nails

The first thing you need to do is paint your nails with nail polish remover, dip your nails in warm water to soften your nails, cut or file your nails, press the curl with a stick, and apply enamel.

Check this step by step.

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10. Perfect feet.

Dip your feet in hot water and then exfoliate using a pumice stone on the back. Then apply this Burt Bees foot lotion and cover it with socks. Buy here. Your feet will look lovely and fresh in the morning.


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