21 ideas for houseplants for small greens


Although there are restrictions on implementing this, small house decorationHowever, don't forget to provide houseplants. It is really important as it gives your home a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. However, there are some ideas for your small house that you can follow to enable plants to be switched off.

Stair planter

You can definitely use your ladder, especially the wooden ladder, to place plants. It is known that wood can make a warm impression. In addition, it becomes a really compatible material because it stands next to plants from nature. Check the references below for the stair application.

Natural wooden staircase shelf for storing some of your decorations and houseplants that you have arranged on your porch

Image source

Wooden stair planters placed in the corner of your room to save some houseplants and creeping greens

Image source

small stair planter to hang up some houseplants based on the kitchen cabinet in your kitchen

Image source

Rustic stair planter made of ancient wood material uses houseplants and some books

Image source

The stair planter offered to your living room in the corner of the room can be used to place some house plants and small ornaments

Image source

Black iron stair planter and wooden pallet to lay out some houseplants, and arranged layout to look interesting

Image source

Indoor foliage arrangement on wooden stairs to decorate your home and obtain cold air that you can apply to your home

Image source

Hanging planter

Undoubtedly, the hanging planter will be really valuable as it is not needed anywhere on the ground. It is very effective to provide interior greens with a wine plant container that will not even make your room look crowded. The vine itself is very diverse for the species. Check out the references below to find the top for your home.

This fresh houseplant can be applied by hanging on a rope and covered with burlap so that it is stable and does not bend easily
You can select a kind colorful planter to bring foliage and houseplants, and then hang it on your wall with a string
Decorated green in white and hanging with macrame ropes in the corner of the room
sweet planter, followed by a light pink color and hung with a vertically arranged rope
Hang the inspiration of the planter around the pot with a cord to feel the boho touch
Hang a planter with a pink rope and a white planter that is appropriate for the theme of the walls of your room

Image source

Hang the planter with a wooden planter with a rope and hang it on a strong tube and place it near the window

Image source

Wall planter

The wall planter does not need any space on the floor. You can even apply it to the wall, which is quite unique. For plants, you can select the most suitable for your region. However, for your recommendations, it is better to select one with good durability and less maintenance. In addition, you should make sure that the place is exposed to natural sunlight to live longer.

Vibrant green moss wall fits well with black tub for your bathroom
A contemporary living room with a fresh green wall of living plants that you can apply to your home
The green on the walls of your living room looks fresh and can look like a natural TV backdrop
The modern living room flows seamlessly, is mixed with a pool table and added to the vertical garden in this Denver living room
Very neatly framed boxwood gives the stairs a unique touch and creates a fresh atmosphere
Contains vertical wall units that you can add with a cool, large living room and a fire light that leads to greenery for good lighting
The area where you can relax with your family can conclude green spaces and plants that need some maintenance to feel the fresh air

Image source

If possible, you can have all of these interior planter ideas for your home. Here you can divide into living room, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and more. It will be great to have all the variations of planters in your small house as it will be absolutely lovely, fresh and fabulous.



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