Water glass house by John Grable Architects

A modern residence designed by Water Glass House John Grable Architects. As a prestigious environment in Alamo Heights, San Antonio, we are sustainable and respect young customers who want to expand the design framework to create an open space for meeting with residents, family members, and friends. The main goal of the renovation work, which was completed in 2019 as a young family's 3,800 square meter home, is to find a way to have fun while enjoying some kind of domestic bone art that combines modern luxury in the 21st century.


Built in 1968 in the prestigious Alamo Heights neighborhood, it was considered modern at the time of construction and was not a brainless purchase for our young American-born customer who currently lives in London. He sought to shift the design envelope to create an open space where family and friends could obtain closer. The main purpose of the renovation was to find a fun way to embrace the original bones of the house, including the modern 21st century luxury.

The original architects Ken Bentley and John Kell worked together after they left O & # 39; ne Ford's office. This legendary design company made a significant impression through the use of brick walls, pitched roofs, Douglas fir fir details and mill connections. JGA has been surpassed by the abundance of materials – Endicott brick floors, copper roofs, raised floors with concrete walls and concrete floors. Above all, it was an honor to trim and honor this great space, and we came across the opportunity to contribute to the work of the original master.

The owner's vision belonged to an industrial warehouse that was inspired by the existing wealthy range of wall materials. He also had a pronounced vision, which he called the barbell – a shape that is limited at the ends and open in the middle and is known and respected in Texas as the dog run. The couple with brick walls acted as bookends that surrounded the modern spacious storage room. This area was further dramatized by the sloping slope area – he stepped out of the back yard, rolled into the large room, and jumped across the front courtyard of the pool onto the street. This connection with the outside is further reinforced by the large, curved roofs that transform into a Cadillac Coupe de Ville fin hut. It adds a third vertical dimension to the plan, with a membrane opening to the sky.

By adding the infinity pool to the existing entrance area, the barbell licks large amounts of the large space in all directions and creates the feeling of a dog walking in the inclined area. Stepped water enlivened the entrance cross by providing a lively statue with the soothing sound of falling air and the deep, calm reflections of the historic oaks above. This returned to the traditional regional roots of the antiques that were part of the original entrances to the hacienda courtyard.

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