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You may have noticed that I recently had a keen interest in Korean skin care on the blog, and luckily many of you seem to share my interest in Korean beauty tips and tricks.

While the Korean beauty scene is top known for its skin care and anti-aging products, Korean makeup has also paid a lot of attention to the West.

As with Korean skin care, Korean makeup offers fairly innovative solutions to our beauty problems, such as sleep masks, jelly masks and pillow eyebrow products, to complete your moment now.

What is the difference between korean makeup and western makeup?

As with Korean beauty and skin care products, Korean makeup is all about improving facial features, maintaining a youthful look and preserving your natural beauty.

Colours: Unlike western makeup, which focuses on the highly pigmented colors that appear on the face, Korean makeup focuses on lighter and more natural colors such as pink, orange, or eyebrows to achieve the look you want.

Koreans tend to stay away from colors like green or dark purple because these colors are not "ripe" and young.

Skin: As a rule, Korean women use a foundation that makes the skin moist and radiant.

Korean women go into skin care a lot, so most don't have any spots, dryness, or signs of aging on the face. Makeup is used to further develop her shiny, healthy skin – not to hide it.

Eyes: The way Korean women use eyeliner is a small different from that of western women. The eyeliner is usually drawn so that the wing follows the shape of the eye and thus leaves a natural wing.

Instead of using a black eyeliner, it is more commonly used in brown Korean makeup and most even prefer to use an eyeliner. Instead, some Korean women use dark brown eyeshadow to sort their eyes for a more natural look.

Eyebrows: Korean women’s passion for youthful appearance knows no bounds. It even extends to eyebrows: in Korea, it is believed that flat eyebrows give the face a younger look.

That is why flat eyebrows are very common among Korean women and one of the most obvious differences between the Korean and Western beauty ideal.

Best Korean makeup from Koreans

Like many of you who read this article, I was wondering which Korean makeup products are the most popular and top rated among Korean women.

To obtain the latest data, I turned to Glow Pick, the most popular beauty app in Korea, where thousands of users came together to rate and abandon comments for beauty products.

Read on to find out which products perform top in 10 different makeup categories this year!

Bestselling Korean mascara

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Mascara (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Peripera Ink Mascara

This mascara was made with the straight and short eyelashes of Korean women in mind: it offers buoyancy, curls and volume that are difficult to achieve with stubborn eyelashes.

Peripera's mascara is made of materials such as powdered plate and silica, which absorb the oil between the lashes so that it sits completely and firmly. Other ingredients like lipid wax create a light and watery texture to develop eyelash curl.

Peripera mascara is declared as one of the mascara that lasts all day without smudging. According to reviews, this is true: An examiner was able to remove the product with the current make-up remover depending on the taste of the product.

If you are someone with very sensitive eyes (possibly due to allergies) who are prone to tears, this mascara may be the great choice for you.

See the latest price on Amazon here

Other top selling Korean mascaras

Peripera Ink Black Mascara Volume Bending (4.37 glowpick rating)

Etude home oh my eyelashes (4.12 Glowpick rating)

Laneige Jet Curling Mascara Ex (4.16 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean Foundation

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Foundation (Pillow Type) | Best Korean beauty products - Moonshot Micro Settingfit Pillow Foundation

If you're not familiar with the pillow foundations, the Moonshot Micro Settingfit pillow may be the top place to commence. This pillow primer has a long-lasting, reproducible transparent cover and comes in packaging that is simple to carry and simple to apply on the go.

The formula was mainly developed with Korean skin care in mind: this foundation not only promotes enlightenment and fights aging, but also contains UV protection and a strange addition: molluscs.

Yes, it contains snail extract, a popular Korean skin care ingredient that fights essential moisture, cooling sensation, and even stains.

It's simple to seek why this foundation is ranked high among Korean women with its impressive list of ingredients. On the other hand, this basis is only available in two colors that are not suitable for colored women.

If you're lucky enough to find a shade in your color, you can read more reviews to see if that foundation is great for you.

See the latest price on Amazon here

Other top-selling Korean foundations

JUNG SAEM MOOL Basic Skin Nuder Pad (4.00 Glowpick rating)

Face Shop Ink Permanent Foundation (4.00 Glowpick rating)

Missha Işıltı Foundation (4.00 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean concealer

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Concealer - NARS Concealer Dupe (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Espoir Taping Concealer

Many critics of Glow Pick praise Espoir's concealer for its long range, saying that they only need a lean layer of product to cover the defects and imperfections.

You may have noticed that the packaging of the product is very similar to NARS 'famous Radiant Creamy Concealer, and this is no accident. this dr-d Espoir's answer to a concealer worth comparing to the top concealer in the western world!

Another selling point for this concealer is longevity: Many Korean women write that they only have to use the product once or twice a day to last all day.

On the other hand, this concealer also has some shortcomings. A commentator noted that this concealer was slightly oxidized after application. So if you are under the shadows, select the lighter shade.

See the latest prices on YesStyle here

Other top selling Korean concealers

Etüdenhaus Large housing Skin Fit (4.10 Glowpick rating)

Espoir taping concealer cover (4.07 Glowpick rating)

Hanskin Stain Cover Concealer (3.97 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean lipstick

Best Korean lipstick: Too cool for school

The very cool lipsticks for the school's glam rock hush are enriched with a long list of impressive ingredients such as astrocarium rest oil, mango seed oil, cocoa seed oil and shea butter to intensively moisturize the lips.

This lipstick is available in 5 colors, which are all nude and give the lips a velvety terminate.

Korean women are famous for their innovative and creative solutions and lip products are no different. You can use these lipsticks to apply color in a traditional way, or use the Korean technique called toning.

Toning is a popular lip trend in Korea where the color is applied to the inner parts of your lips and then applied to the outer parts of your lips, leaving a soft gradient or ombre effect on the lips.

Ideally, you'll want to use a soft, pliable lipstick for this technique, and Too Cool For School's Glam Rock lipsticks are great for that.

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Other top-selling Korean lipsticks

VDIVOV Lip Cut Blush Velvet (4.32 Glowpick rating)

Bbia last lipstick (4.29 Glowpick rating)

the A & # 39; PIEReal velvet lipstick (4.34 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean powder

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Powder (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Mamonde Cotton Veil Powder

Korea and Japan have become famous for popularizing wiping paper and other powder-free makeup. So it's no wonder that Korea's most popular powder this year is a translucent powder from Mamonde that promises to keep sebum production under control.

A great feature of this product is that it never dries out – drying and firm skin is a Korean woman's worst nightmare! Even powders that are supposed to absorb excess sebum still have some moisture and hydration-inducing properties.

Another great feature of this product is that the powder is lean, making the powder correct fine lines and not making the skin look porous and soft.

Some reviewers also found that this product is more suitable for use under lip and eye makeup than as a foundation if your main concern is to remove oily products and provide a smooth base.

See the latest price on Amazon here

Other top-selling Korean powders

Banila Co Prime Primer Matte Finish Powder (4.38 Glowpick rating)

SKINFOOD Peach Cotton Multi-Finish Powder (4.30 Glowpick rating)

Innisfree sebum mineral powder (4.30 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean Blush

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Blush (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Apieu Pastel Blush

If you look at this blush, you may not realize that it is a blush – natural Korean women want what their makeup looks like.

Although this particular color is the most popular among Korean women, this pastel red is available in 14 additional shades from violet to orange.

The main reason why Korean women select this special blush is due to the natural surface: the texture and terminate of the blush are soft, sparkling and pink. Some even commented that the product had a blurred effect on the face.

The heroic ingredients of the product are mineral water, tallow powder and pink flower complex.

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Other top-selling Korean blushes

3CE Mood Recipe Blush (4.46 GlowPick rating)

Holika Holika Piece Matching Blush (4.38 Glowpick rating)

Missha Satin blush (4.36 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean eyebrow products

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Eyebrow Product / Eyebrow Cushion (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Cara Laneige Eyebrow Cushion

This unique product is not yet popular in the western market: it is a pillow eyebrow product that promises easier application than traditional methods.

The product comes in two shades that should be used in different areas of the eyebrow: a darker color as the base of the eyebrow and a lighter color to lengthen the eyebrows and achieve an ombre effect.

Although this product is marketed as an simple-to-use product for beginners, some Korean youtubers like SPEISHI reported that it took some time to obtain used to if you only used pen and powder before. Therefore, a small patience is required for this product!

Generally the product is available in two colors: 01 two colors gray brown / khaki brown and 02 two colors dark brown / light brown is great for women with dark hair.

This can be a minor problem for those of you with lighter hair, as there is currently no color in mind for blonde women.

More product reviews on Amazon here

Other top selling Korean eyebrow products

Aritaum IDOL eyebrow powder cake (4.35 Glowpick rating)

IOPE eyebrow pencil (4.29 Glowpick rating)

Missha Smudge Proof Wood Eyebrow (4.20 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean eyeshadow

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Eye Shadow (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Holika Holika Eye Shadow Palette

Did I mention Korean women, kind neutral tones? This eyeshadow palette with peach and apricot motifs contains 12 wealthy neutral colors, from coral to pink to brown, with matt and shiny surfaces.

The main reason why this eyeshadow palette is so popular in Korean is that it is quite affordable and yet it offers a lot of pigment. Not to mention that the color scheme is great for the make-up look "no make-up", as is the trend in Korea.

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Other top selling Korean eye shadows

Holika Holika Matching shadow mat (4.54 Glowpick rating)

MISSHA Modern Shadow Italprism (4.50 Glowpick rating)

Holika Holika Matching Shadow Shine (4.53 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean Lip Tint

Best Korean Makeup Products: Best Korean Lip Tint (Best Korean Beauty Products) - Bbia Latest Velvety Lip Tint

Although the lip tones have been in the West for a while, they never came out as they did in Korea.

Lip tones are a great solution for women who want a bit of long-lasting color on their lips without having to constantly apply a product – it's more natural than a liquid lip, but it actually lasts the same or longer.

So if you still haven't found the great blush for dinner, this could be the case.

As the name suggests, Bbia's Last Velvet Lip Tint has a velvety texture that sticks to the lips as a lip tint. It is a small more fluid than the traditional velvet polished lip product because it is a lip tint after all.

There are several ways to use this product to obtain the most profit: First, you can apply and abandon the lip tone to enjoy the velvety feel, or apply the lip tone and wait for the color. then dry the rest.

In both cases, the lip tone lasts for 12 hours, but the terminate of the product differs slightly.

See the latest price on Amazon here

Other top-selling Korean lip tints

3CE Velvet Lip Tint (4.12 Glowpick rating)

Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Lip Tint (4.23 Glowpick rating)

Very cool for school Shiny Blaster Tint Lip Gloss (4.07 Glowpick rating)

Bestselling Korean lip gloss

Best korean makeup products: best korean lip gloss (best korean beauty products) - face shop face it artist finger gloss

Face Shops Face It Lipgloss for Korea's YSLs Vernis à Levres – Essentially a lip gloss, lip tint, and lipstick all in one, and it sells about $ 15 instead of the $ 36 YSL-charged.

The main selling point of this lip gloss is actually a Painting brightness – It is a lip tone that does not dry out your lips and you can reapply during the day if you wish.

The product gives you the right amount of pigment and shine with a gel-like formula that stores moisture on your lips. As mentioned earlier, this product was advertised as a 3-in-1 lip gloss, lip stain and lipstick.

With one coat you obtain a shiny effect, with two you obtain a lip stain and with three layers the product looks like a lipstick.

After all, it's up to you to decide what to do. Of these glitters very It is pigmented compared to the traditional lip glosses we are used to in the West. So if you are looking for a transparent lip gloss without pigment, skip it as it is not for you.

See the latest prices on YesStyle here

Other top selling Korean lip gloss

Espoir Couture Lip Liquid Velvet (4.10 Glowpick rating)

Pony effect Stay fit Matte lip color (4.14 Glowpick rating)

Hera Rouge Holic (3.95 glowpick rating)

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