American cuisine: models and inspiring photos


National preference, American cuisine. Despite the reference to a gringo style, American cuisine has succumbed to the popular taste of Brazilians and is now unanimously accepted here.

So much so that, according to Construtora Living, 85% of those who want to buy property prefer this type of kitchen.

For those who do not seek the concept very well, the American kitchen is a kind of kitchen that is integrated into other surroundings of the house, usually the living room or the dining room. There is no door or wall in this kitchen model. Everything is part of the same area.

Another very striking feature of American cuisine is the worktop (or worktop). Everything works like this: dishes, food preparation and even kitchen decorations.

And what is all this about? You will find out in the next few lines of this article, keep following.

American cuisine: models and inspiring photos


Benefits of American cuisine

In the past Kitchens is restricted, closed and isolated. However, with time and the increasing needs of modern life, this concept was not applied, and integrated kitchens and modern architecture emerged.

This type of kitchen has very interesting advantages and you will obtain to cognize each of them below. Take a look at the following:


One of the biggest advantages of American cuisine is the feeling of spaciousness. Since this type of kitchen has no walls, it offers larger, airy and visually larger rooms. And these are great for small houses and apartments.


American cuisine is the queen of social integration and interaction. You never have to cook or cook alone again without interacting with guests again. American cuisine allows you to cook in the middle of a casual conversation.


The American kitchen is practical and functional, great for those who have a busy and busy life. This is because, in addition to conveniently cooking with anything at hand, it also enables fast meals on the counter.

American kitchen models

Fully integrated kitchen

The fully integrated American kitchen is a kitchen with no physical or visual blockages or restrictions. The kitchen and living room are completely united and share the same space, which makes them ideal for small houses and apartments. However, this type of kitchen has less storage space and so you need to plan well to be able to store everything you need with just one wall.

Partly integrated kitchen unit

Partially integrated American cuisine is the most famous and famous version that brings a counter or counter into the area. The advantage of this kitchen is that it offers space for groceries and sets up a cupboard that visually restricts and marks every room. It is very suitable for those who use the kitchen every day and want to store more food and utensils.

The American kitchen can be partially integrated into furniture. In this case, side walls, kiosks and even the living room can be used as sofa signs.

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