23 Shaved badass braid for women


There are many different braided hairstyles to try out. One of the most popular lately is braids with shaved sides. Shaved hair can look very edgy and make simpler braided hairstyles look thicker. To show you how to wear and style your shaved hair, we found 23 braids with shaved edges. Our list of the top styles includes long braids, colorful braids, shaved patterns, and more. Check this out and try shaving it. These styles are also great for summer!

1. High bun with a unique shaving pattern

First there is this braided bun with a shaved section underneath. The shaving area has a lovely and unique pattern. It is very striking and expressive, which creates the idea of ​​the hair. We also love the color! When recreating a similar shaving pattern, you need to shape your braids up, otherwise you won't see them. Try this model or select your own.

Unique shaving pattern button up

Source: @braidsgang

2. Chunky twists with shaved part

This next hair idea is just lovely. There are long and chunky twists here that are laterally shaped. One side of the hair is long and the other is shaved. The short section also has two lines. This hair is both lovely and angular. You obtain the top of both. You can recreate this or try another web type with this style.

Chunky pegs of the shaved section

Source: @esponjamagic

3. Limited and additional braids

If you want your hair to stand out from the crowd, this is great for you. This style has long and chunky box braids with a shaved side part. A braid is also decorated with white cords. Everything about this style is trendy and edgy, from the shaved side to the wire pattern. You can try a similar look or be braver with accessories. A hair color like red also looks good.

Shaved nervous and accessory braids

Source: @esponjamagic

4. Braided updo with shaving sides

Then there's a cute low updo that shows it to you. The hair is shaped into straight braids with a low knot at the bottom. There is also a shaved section on the side. A stylish and lovely style that will be great for this summer. Try a low bun or select two. This way you can keep it simple or add accessories.

Shaved updo with a shaved side

Source: @ Rafafranco2

5. Red braided bun

Red is a lovely and popular hair color for women, and with hair like this we can see why! It's a mix of black and red colors on the braids and has a high bun that is then completely red. While the rest of the hair is shaved. It's a bold way to wear red and shaved hair that looks very trendy. Recreate something similar or use a different shade of red.

6. Long side braids with shaved sides

If not all bold hair colors and complex hairstyles are for you, you can try something like this. Here we have a simple and breathtaking look. The braids are long and worn on one side. The hair is shaved when there are no braids. This is a very simple to wear hairstyle for every taste.

Long side braids cut at the bottom

Source: @esponjamagic

7. Trend hair idea

As with other styles, there are various shaved looks that you can try. Some shave very thoroughly, while others are a small longer. This next idea of ​​hair is a good example for longer ones. As you can see, we have long braids with a shaved section on the back and sides of the head. This trend is a crucial idea for hair and will look stunning on everyone. Recreate it or try the braids in a different color.

Trendy hair idea

Source: @xotic_braids

8. Purple ponytail

If you love bold hair colors, you should see this next hair idea. Here is a light purple ponytail. The braids used here are quite chunky, have several purple hues, and are shaped at the top of the head. There is also a shaved section on the sides. A kind and expressive look. You can try the purple ponytail or make a large purple bun.

Purple Chunky Box Braid Ponytail

Source: @esponjamagic

9. Shaved feather patterned honey twists

It can be any pattern that has been shaved into your hair, and we have feather design to show you later. For this look, the hair is shaped into honey-colored wrong places. There is also a shaved section with a feather pattern. As you can see, the feather looks astonishing and unique. Recreate the entire style or try the feather design with other featured hairstyles.

Folded honey shaved feather pattern

Source: You @krish

10. Shaving-side micro braids

We have seen chunky braids and now Micro braids to show you. The hair becomes a bun with super-fine braids, while the hair is shaved on the back and sides. We like the idea of ​​stylish hair and the different effect that is created by fine braids. Try a similar look or try red braids, they will look great.



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