French cuisine with the Paris tip: 25 ideas


A lively French cuisine that cannot entertain you requires an approach in its precise colors, as if it came from the Provence landscape and its incomparable elegance. If you are not yet familiar with all parts of France, go to Paris warmly and treat yourself to a modern kitchen full of this ambience with our ideas below.

1. Copper pots and pans

You can commence by replacing your existing pots and pans with the more sophisticated and expressive copper pot in the region. Place them on the closet for simple access or hang them on the wall hooks and make sure this is the first thing you see when you enter.

For the great French kitchen design, you can replace your ceiling with a copper pot. Hang up your pans and place them under and under your floating shelf.

The first step in designing French cuisine is the use of copper cookware. Because copper is the hallmark of French kitchen design.

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The use of copper kitchen utensils is the right choice for French kitchen design. This copper terminate not only gives a strong French impression in the kitchen, but is also very durable.

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If you've changed the copper pans and pans before, hang them on the wall to make your kitchen look clearer.

Copper pans in pots for use in kitchens with a French design. With this equipment, your French cuisine will look more great.

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2nd antique

Placing some culinary antiques and collections adds further details, especially if the walls are covered with ancient bricks or painted in a crisp white color. Your kitchen, which was previously combined with a copper pot, is almost exclusively French.

A great combination for the French kitchen design is the use of an antique collection in brick walls, copper pots and a glass showcase.

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If you have a French kitchen design, don't forget to decorate the antiques as in the picture above. With antique chandeliers and anti-plate collections in a glass cabinet, your kitchen looks great.

This time, the French design kitchen gives your kitchen a classic look by using the antique plate decorations under the cabinet and over the counter.

A decoration suitable for use in a French design kitchen is an antique urn and sculpture as shown above. With this antique decoration you obtain an elegant French kitchen.

In addition to copper pots, you can add two antique chandeliers as shown above. With this antique chandelier you obtain an astonishing French kitchen look.

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3rd Abundant flower

Make sure you add flowers to the kitchen after a series of antique and pottery sets. This way you look like an artistic picture gallery in the modern look of the French country as well as some greens outdoors in your kitchen.

After combining copper pots and antiques, you can add green to your kitchen. Place the plants near the window as shown in the picture above, so that the plants decorate your French cuisine and still obtain sunlight to stay productive.

To great the combination in your French kitchen, you can add yellow floral decorations to the table to achieve a bright kitchen look.

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Add floral decorations to the dining table in your French kitchen for a kind kitchen look.

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French kitchen design also requires freshness. You can add greenery and sunflowers to your kitchen to freshen up your French cuisine.

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It is very convenient for you to use French cuisine with pink flower decorations. With this flower decoration you have an elegant kitchen.

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4th Retro-inspired devices

Consider replacing timeless devices to make this bold statement! Retro kitchen appliances are an excellent addition and balance to other modern items in the kitchen. After that, a French-rural feeling is guaranteed!

Consider a trendy but timeless color combination for a bold culinary expression. Retro-inspired devices are a great way to bring modern elements in line and give them a rural French flair. You can create it with a retro style oven.

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The retro-style Northstar oven is the great way to add a vintage flair to your French cuisine. They combine the tile counters with the classic designs of the 50s and the medieval linoleum floors to achieve a more great design.

Checkerboard floors, pharmacist-style glass drawers and an ancient-fashioned stove are the great decoration ideas for French cuisine, which together create a charming vintage kitchen.

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This retro kitchen equipment not only gives a vintage impression in your French kitchen, but also offers a complement and a very good balance for other modern products in your French kitchen.

Use these retro kitchen appliances like stoves and refrigerators. With this kitchen equipment you obtain a timeless vintage impression and can be combined with other modern products.

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5. Versatile seating

The kitchen is sometimes combined with a dining room, so versatile dining rooms can develop the mood of the farmhouse, especially after all previous tables and cabinets have been placed.

If you want to expand the atmosphere of a farmhouse in your French kitchen, you can use a versatile seat in your dining room.

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The versatile armchair is a suitable armchair for use in a kitchen with a French design. Because this seat is very compatible when used in the French kitchen.

If you have a dining room and French cuisine like in the picture above. Use a versatile sofa in your dining room to make your kitchen design more great.

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One of the places where you live is suitable for use in your dining room in French cuisine. Because this armchair can make an elegant impression in your kitchen.

It is the right choice to use a versatile seating area in the dining room of French cuisine. Because these seats great the look of your French cuisine.

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With the help of our French culinary ideas mentioned above, your dream cooking space is only a step away.



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