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This 5-minute red wine sauce is a staple in our house. Easy to prepare with four simple ingredients for the pantry that are alert in 5 minutes and give your salad a lot of flavor!

The salad is not just a salad without a good vinaigrette, and if you inquire me, it is 1000 times better than a home-made shop. of Balsamic vinegar For Coriander lemon sauce For this red wine sauce, you can add many different flavors to the salad thanks to some simple ingredients!

5 minutes of red wine vinaigrette in the container

This classic red wine vinaigrette is my versatile choice for my pasta salad, but it really goes well with almost any salad!

Made from four simple ingredients, probably in your pantry right now, this salad is alert in just 5 minutes.

It tastes good too much better Instead of shopping: there are different ways to combine it with a spicy and slightly sweet and different spices and other add-ons.

Why are you making this red wine sauce?

  • Ready in 5 minutes or less with simple galley materials
  • You can do up to 2 weeks
  • You can adjust the vinegar so that it is more or less hot

Do not forget, Keep this recipe save later!

Ingredients for red wine salad dressing recipe

Four simple contents

    1. Red wine vinegar I just selected the one available in the supermarket, but you can be a lot more curious. Here's a great review from Cook & # 39; s Illustrated top red wine vinegar.
    2. Olive oil- I prefer a high quality olive oil in my salads with extra virgin olive oil.
    3. Dijon– Even though I'm not a mustard fan, it's one of the main ingredients in my salads. Not only does it add a small depth of taste, it also prevents the immediate separation of oil and vinegar (though over time).
    4. Maple syrup or honey I use these sweeteners interchangeably in salad dressings without noticing any major changes. Adding some sweetener will help alleviate the mess in this red wine sauce and add another layer of flavor. I do not recommend jumping!

Pour the sauce with lettuce


In traditional red wine salad dressing recipes, oil: vinegar is used in a ratio of 1: 3. It depends on the taste preference and we expect you to play at this rate to obtain a spicier salad dressing.

  • for pasta salad – 1: 1 oil to really taste all the flavors of pasta: I love to use vinegar
  • For leaf salads – 1: 1 ratio is very hot 1: 2 ratio oil: I like to use vinegar

It's simple to prepare a stronger 1: 1 salad dressing, try the salad, and add more oil if you find it too spicy.


It is simple to prepare homemade salad dressing. You can shake this recipe in advance and keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

If you want to add fresh garlic or fresh herbs, you should use it within 7 days.

Vinaigrette should be kept in the refrigerator and will separate over time. Shake quickly before serving and off you go!


You can use red wine vinegar sauce in any salad. Here are my favorites:


Think of this as a simple recipe with endless possibilities. Here are some ways to develop your dressing:

  • Garlic – adding one or two chopped garlic gives it even more flavor
  • It would be great for Greek salads like Italian spices – basil and thyme. Start with 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Dill – add 1-2 teaspoons of dried dill
  • Feta salty flavors go very well with the spicy flavors of this salad face
  • Parmesan – try 2 tablespoons and add as much as you like.



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