21 neon orange nails and ideas for summer


We love neon nail colors in Follow Us. Neon is brave, funny and super stylish. We have already presented lovely ones yellow neon Quotes and now it's neon orange time! Orange is a lovely color that is great for spring and summer. Not only that, it also looks great with other nail art works from lively, expressive and shiny to animal motifs. If you like neon yellow and try a different color or love orange and want to give your nails a shimmer of color, you should see our 21 neon orange nail ideas. We have something simple and eye-catching for everyone. Read on to find a trendy neon orange nail design. You cannot decide which one is your favorite because you will love everything!

1. Neon coffin nails

First of all, there are neon coffin nails. The nails are long and matt orange. This is a fun and lively design that will do everyone justice. Nails like this are great for summer, and matte orange can be used for any nail length and shape. You can reproduce it with a matte orange color or a bright orange and matte top coat.

Neon coffin nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

2. Trendy nail design with rhinestones

Then we have a trendy neon look that shows you. Three of the nails are only orange, one nail is darkly bare with rhinestones and one nail is darkly bare with orange V-ends. V-tips look very stylish and have become a must-have. You can create these tips with nail tape and find online tutorials. Rebuild all mania or put hints on all nails.

3. Stunning stiletto nails

If you want your nails to make a statement, this design is for you. Here we have sharp stiletto nails that commence naked and then turn into a bright neon orange. Nails like this wow. You can try a similar mania or use a different neon orange shade. You can even animate the mania with rhinestones or glitter that look fantastic.

4. Bright neon orange

How simple but eye-catching nail designs? If so, you should see this idea. For this look, some nails are matte neon orange, one is chrome and one is bright orange. All of these trendy designs form a breathtaking combination. With designs like this, it may be simple to follow the online nail art tutorials. You can even add an animal print that looks great!

Shiny matt orange nails

Source: @ivynailss

5. Snake Print Mania

Then we have a wild animal print to show you. This time, neon orange and snake patterns are together! Nails have a matte orange, an orange nude or a stylish snake skin design. This is a very stylish and violent mania. You can recreate this look or try snake skin art in any color. Snake skin nail stickers are available online so you can create a version of this mania yourself at home.

Snake Print Mania

Source: @ riyathai87

6. Bright and fun nail design with flames

The next nail idea is fun, bright and unique. Each nail has a different art and different designs are used in each hand. Some of the artwork includes flames, neon colors, and even delicious oranges. Flame nail art You can buy nail stencils or stickers to now look very trendy and replicate flames. Such a mania will be great for summer. Recreate the entire view or just one or two designs.

Bright and fun nail design with flames

Source: @nailsbykatrins

7. Glam orange nails with sparkling rhinestones

Neon orange is a lively and stylish color, but can also look glamorous and elegant. This design is the great way to wear glitter with orange. All nails are only matt and have an ombre design. Two of the nails on each hand have a row of small rhinestones. As you can see, sparkling rhinestones show a really simple mania. You can buy rhinestones in various shapes and sizes online and then glue them onto your nails with nail glue.

8. Ombre and Shine

Then we have another ombre design that we can show you. This time the nails are bare with a vibrant neon orange. There is also an accent nail with a glitter ombre. We love the extra glitter because it's lovely and glamorous. Such nails are great for parties, nights or if you want your mania to make a sparkling statement.

Ombre and glitter nail design

Source: @sheadbeauty

9. Simple and stylish nail idea

If not all jazz, bold, and shiny nails are for you, you can try something easier. The nails for this look are short and simply painted in matt neon orange. It's just a stylish and simple-to-use version of Neon Mania. You can recreate this look or try a similar color for any nail length and shape. Quotes like below fit everyone.

10. Neon glitter tips

This next nail idea is one of our favorites! We have two bare nails here and each one has a neon orange tip. We love them because the tips don't look like classic French or trendy V-shaped ones. These are curved and follow the nail. A unique, modern and trendsetting look. You can recreate a similar design with a nail tape or template. Any neon orange shade can be used.

Neon nail design

Source: @amelasnailz



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