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Warmed Irish Coffee makes cold mint makeup in this Frozen Irish Coffee! Iced Irish coffee Erin Rose Bar Orleans Hotels. Erin Rose is a must (often, usually at 3am, huh!) Cocktail stories or every visit to NOLA. Just cross Bourbon Street and avoid it. Go straight to Erin Rose. A great opportunity to spend a night in the city or cool off, commence a hot NOLA night … or spend a morning, hey NOLA! This magical bar is just outside Bourbon Street. Neon signs that don't cover the bar in any of the fanciest kitchen signs you've found in a trendy modern restaurant in recent years. she intention Stay on the floor, be an elbow with an irresistible, sweaty person, just cash in and drink frozen Irish coffee from plastic cups. And that makes the place magical. During fairy tales you will inevitably find a friend or bartender at any time of the day. The only constant in fairy tales and perhaps the top drink in town. With this Minty Frozen Irish Coffee you can bring NOLA home.

Peppermint is added with both liqueur and a fresh side dish. Peppermint is an excellent addition to the drink being prepared. I used a good creme de menthe, but you can also use Fernet Branca Menta if you have one.

This recipe is super simple, the hardest part of brewing and freezing coffee! If you freeze coffee, you can add ice to obtain the right consistency. If you want to drink this faster and don't want to freeze the coffee, put a few ice cubes and chilled coffee in the blender. Everything is mixed for a cold and creamy treat that's great for St. Patrick's Day or every day. Feel the jar without digging and pour Minty Frozen Irish Coffee into a plastic cup to obtain the full effect!

You can obtain the normal version Iced Irish coffee here!

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Warmed Irish Coffee makes cold mint makeup in this Frozen Irish Coffee! Frozen Irish Coffee is inspired by the Erin Rose Bar in New Orleans.



  • 1 cup heavily brewed coffee
  • 2 cupss vanilla ice cream
  • 1 1/2 oz I used brandy, Bertoux or Irish whiskey Slane whiskey
  • 1 1/4 oz I used coffee liqueur, Mr. Black
  • 1 oz creme de menthe or 1/2 oz Fernet Branca Menta side dish: coffee grounds, sprig of mint


Make coffee and freeze into cubes. Separate the coffee grounds for garnish. After freezing, put the coffee cubes and all other ingredients in a blender. Pour into a highball or Irish coffee glass. Garnish with coffee grounds and a sprig of mint.



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