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Before I finally turned to autumn clothing, I wanted to look at a few summer essences on the blog – Hermes sandals in particular look similar. If you were on Instagram this summer, you would have noticed that the most fashionable fashion bloggers make these shoes or sports.

Especially designer sandals that have become a special hit are Hermès Oran. The stylish slip-on sandals are completely flat and are characterized by a small block heel or by the H-shaped strap and the contrasting stitching. They are available in 21 different colors, from tan to metallic colors.

Although they can arrive at a high price, it turns out that a comfortable luxury will last until summer after summer. They look great with classic summer looks like short or summer dresses, but can be worn for cheaper office looks.

Picture over vivaluxuryblog

Victoria's secret model Elsa Hosk has taken her into the off-road street style, the supermodels Elle McPherson and Helena Christensen wear them on school, and the Olsen twins are inextricably linked to their brown couples, and it's almost impossible to become a fashion blogger see Oran couple wearing something stylish in summer.

Hermes is known to have some of the most expensive bags in the luxury fashion industry. Kelly and Birkin sometimes sell bags for over $ 100,000. Others are not cheap, as these sandals are the top example – for this minimalist, simple design, you'll need to cough up around $ 700 per pair.

Not everyone has the means or the luxury to cope with such a high profile brand. The $ 700 price tag will likely go beyond most buyers' budgets. There are many dupes and alternatives to Hermès Oran sandals on the market so you can add less value to Instagram.

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here (more colors available!)

Like white Hermes sandals

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here (more colors available!)

Like white Hermes sandals Like white Hermes sandals

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here

The Greek sandals by Steve Madden have a similar backless leather slide pair for a fraction of the price and are available in 7 colors, from trendy rose gold to yellow and red shine to classic nude.

Steve Madden has a few imitations for those who want to add glamor to a casual outfit without feeling too conscious or decorating a party outfit with flat shoes.

Tan Brown Hermes sandals like

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here (more colors available!)

Tan Brown Hermes sandals like Tan Brown Hermes sandals like

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here

Like black Hermes sandals

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here

Similar to Silver Hermes sandals Similar to Silver Hermes sandals

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here

These leather slippers propose an oran-like aesthetic with geometric leather strap, flat rubber soles and slip style.

The metallic terminate is fun for a simple summer outfit or gives an extra evening touch to a summer dress. All shoes are suitable for people with leather and wide feet covered with 0.5 inch heel.

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here and here

Gold Hermes sandals like

Golden Hermes sandals look like, here

Gold Hermes Dupe sandals

Hermes sandals look like here

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals,here and here

Hermes looks like $ 680 / Hermes sandals, here

I anticipate you enjoyed these dupes and found some good ones to buy if you look for them!

The Hermes House is one of the oldest and most luxurious fashion houses in the world, which is known for handmade bags and silk scarves.

Thierry Hermes was born in 1801 and founded Hermès as a Parisian tableware workshop dedicated to the manufacture of leather saddles for the European nobleman. For the next few decades he made his business a respected upholstery shop. He started making leather bags to feed horses and carry accessories for riders.

Only after Thierry's death in 1880 did his sons take over, Hermès concentrated on international sales. In 1914, the company was one of the first to zip leather goods. Four years later, they built their first jacket for Prince Edward of Wales.

Hermes introduced its first women's clothing collection in 1929 and the legendary Kelly bags in 1935. In 1937, they started selling iconic Jackie O silk scarves inspired by the colors of the jockeys.

After the princess of the Hollywood actress returned, Kelly's bag became a must. Grace Kelly originally wore Sac A Depeches in front of Life Magazine.

In the 1980s, actress Jane Birkin met Hermès President Jean-Louis Dumas on the plane and complained about the lack of travel-friendly purses, which inspired the Birkin bag with this six-year waiting list.

After Martin Margiela left the fashion house in 2003, the brand returned to fashion with the hiring of Jean-Paul Gautier. The brand, which is becoming a luxury brand, now also includes TV packages.

In 2001 Sex and the city Samantha skipped one of the names of famous customers to bypass the Birkin bag waiting list (triple genuine-life waiting list after the episode was released) and 2005 Gilmore Girls Despite Logan's gift of her Hermes bag to Rory, she had a story, though she had no idea how valuable it was.

So far, Hermes & # 39; fame and value are undoubtedly known to most people who have at least some interest in luxury fashion. The brand has also proven itself as an alternative investment option for those who want to make money. Birkin has been reported to have grown 500% in the past 35 years and is expected to double at least in the next 10 years.

Whether these sandals are as good an investment as Birkin is controversial, but if you like the look, you can at least try the pairs.

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