36+ lovely design ideas for green roofs


It can be worth turning Living Rooftop into another haven. It can simply be a place to enjoy the view, relax, or even gather.

For those who live in city concrete, a roof terrace It can be an oasis – a place of escape from everyday hectic days. Night silhouettes on tall buildings can be such therapy. For those who are lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by a quieter and surprising nature, living roof The idea could be another remote shelter.

There are two types of ideas for live roofs: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor living roof area

Living roof

Attic living room or dining room? Why not? Turn your unused flat roof into a special place. It can be a comfortable place for at home and in the office to spend time alone or with loved ones. It can also serve as an unusual place to welcome your friends or guests.

Roof terrace with outdoor seating

Living roof

It is a good idea to prefer open space design for your roof area. You can create a great place to enjoy the view, rest or socialize, which is usually done on the patio floor. In other words, a open hall. dining room. garden or other creative ideas for living roofs.

The idea of ​​living space in the attic will be closely related to the combination of flooring and other fasteners. Let's take a look at the most common types of flooring for roof terraces.

1. Sealing membrane

As the name suggests, these roof tiles are becoming increasingly popular. It has a well known clean and linear surface and durability. In addition, this material is more resistant to the risk of damage from rain or excessive moisture.

2. Hardwood

Living roof

Wooden paving stones propose particularly unique classic and rustic skills. This floor is ideal for following a relaxing and entertaining roof area.

First use and subsequent maintenance can be very costly.

3. Tiled floor

Tiles have many options such as ceramics, granite, porcelain and slate. For roofs, you can glue these tiles with adhesive. Alternatively, a tile locking system is increasingly being used. This innovation offers simple cleaning and maintenance as well as better alignment of the tiles.

4. Sandstone on the roof

Sandstone cover tiles from bronze to gold propose a natural atmosphere that resembles a desert or a sandy beach. It also offers high functional durability. It is therefore ideal for high-traffic areas such as the loft living room and other design ideas.

5. Rubber and / or plastic spreader

This floor material was considered the simplest and most affordable. It is also a popular solution for the loft lounge.

6. Artificial grass in the living room

Would you like a greener attic design? Instead of living grass, you can select all or part of the artificial turf for the roof. This artificial grass does not attract insects or is easily contaminated. It is ideal for those who have a pet or just want to laze around.

How to decorate ideas for roof surfaces

There are three common points that adorn the roof area, i.e. H. Seating, privacy and large indoor and outdoor green spaces. Below you will find more detailed inspiration for the roof construction:

Every attic requires some protection from direct sunlight or heat. Some of them are permanent roofs, covered awnings, large umbrellas or canopies.

  • Create cosiness on the living roof

Equip your living roof designs with comfortable armchairs. Open Air chair, Sofas or benches. Equip them with lots of upholstery elements and lots of plush accessories. Robust pillows, pillows and blankets complement each other wonderfully. Outdoor carpets and fireplaces are other functional and decorative accessories.

  • Greener living roof

Build up your rooftop garden by growing your own vegetables or flowers. In addition to living or artificial grass, hanging flower baskets or pot green are some excellent alternatives.

Are you greeting your loved ones for a romantic dinner? A family reunion or evening parties? Your loft can serve everyone, from barbecues to candlelight moments. A fire pit also provides a warm retreat on windy and cooler nights.

Also try to make your design or decoration for fun. A place where you can enjoy your free time to the fullest.

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