23 cute short hairstyles that we love for 2020


I am tired of your hair and want a commute? Maybe you want to be brave and try a short way at the end? If any of these points sound like you, Follow Us protects you. We'd like to show you 23 cute short haircuts that we love for 2020. Short hair may look a small creepy for some, but these show that you can create different looks, updos, and still wear accessories without sacrificing style. There is a haircut for everyone, from the classic bob to the edgy shaving style. These are great for long locked women with short hair who just want to inspire fresh hair or are alert for something modern. After trying one of these interruptions, you will never look back. Look here!

1. Nice short bob with bangs

The first hairstyle we have to show you is very cute and simple to wear. Here's a short bob that's light during bangs. A stylish and simple cut for everyone. You can recreate this style or try a similar cut with the side-swept bangs. In any case, it will be a stylish shortcut.

Nice short bob with bangs

Source: @brianaguilarha is

2. elegant and stylish short hairstyle

Short hairstyles can look very elegant. Ladies like Audrey Hepburn are proof of that. Then there is a lovely and stylish short haircut that shows you. For this look, the hair is shorter at the back and longer at the front. The commute in length is soft and lean, so the hair remains stylish. Blonde balayage highlights were applied to the front of the hair. We love the stylish cut and the color of the sun kiss. This hairstyle would be great for summer.

Elegant and stylish short hairstyle

Source: @domdomha is

3. Explosion Straight Straight Shortcut

Then we have a modern and fashionable cut. This time, the hair is cut into a bob that is just above the chin. There is also a level between the bangs. It is a stylish and versatile style that can be worn for any occasion. You can regenerate it or try to bring the length of the hair to your chin. Side sweep will also look great with Bang Cut.

4.Pastel pink pixie cut

Would you like to try a modern cut and a modern color? Look at that! Here we have a short cut on the head with longer hair and a very short back and sides. The hair is also colored in pastel pink. This is a very fun and funny hair idea. Perfect for women who love bolder and bolder styles. This pink shade is great for spring and summer, but you can recreate the cut in any color.

5. Beautiful hair with a vintage vibe

This next hairstyle is very cute and lovely. The hair is cut directly under the chin with centrally separated bangs. It has a comfortable and stylish shortcut and also has a vintage feel. This is a lovely hairstyle and ideal for women with loose natural curls. When recreating the look, try holding the bangs lightly to keep the style soft.

6. Braided pixie

Pixies It is one of the most popular shortcuts and this next idea shows how to wear an elf. We have short blonde hair here and the hair is braided at the top. We love everything about it. Even if the cut is stylish, the color is thick, and the braid is short, this shows that you can style your hair in different ways.

7. Simple and stylish hair idea

Are you looking for a simpler cut that is simple to wear? If so, this can be great for you. For this look, the hair is cut in a short, layered style with long side bangs. The top layers have blonde highlights that give the haircut a more trendy look. Hair like this is versatile and suitable for women of all ages. Hair can look as modern and edgy or as stylish and elegant as you want it to be. It's just how you wear it.

Layered pixie cut with long side bang

Source: @sarah_louwho

8. Bob with a short bang

Then there's a bob that we'll show you. It looks like a classic bob, but with trendy short bangs. It's a very cool and cute style. The combination of traditional bob with modern bangs is astonishing and the two complement each other perfectly. You can recreate it, try shorter bangs, or make it longer to match the micro-bang trend.

9. Abbreviation with cute accessories

If you're a small worried about chopping because you don't cognize how to style shorter hair, this is the one for you. This hair idea has a cute blonde cut with side-swept bangs. The hairstyle is finished with a kind blue scarf. We love this idea because a scarf really revives the hair and you can make your hairstyle look unique. Each scarf can be used with any color and pattern. You can also use a scarf with any hair length.

Accessory link

Source: @chloenbrown

10. angular, shaved hair

There are many different links, from bob to pixies. But have you ever thought about shaving your hair? This may seem like a very brave choice, but as you can see in the picture below, shaved hair looks great. While the top hair was a small longer, this angry lady on the back and sides went too short. It is a short phrase that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Frustrated shaved hair

Source: @ vasia.kirilyk



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