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Are you looking for ways to use these notorious basement staples? I have collected my favorites Pantry recipes simple food ideas, side dishes, snacks and desserts. Rack is a great way to commence cooking.

Storage racks with boxes

If you have one of the weeks you're trying to use your pantry and freezer clips, these recipes are great for you. It's simple, inexpensive, yet fresh and tasty. Your family won't even detect!

Whether you're looking for bean recipes or chicken recipes, in most cases you can replace them. You can also use frozen vegetables and meat instead of fresh ones. Many of these recipes are highly customizable, so you can exclude or commute some ingredients if necessary.

Shelf cooking recipes


Here are my favorite pantry recipes for making canned goods and items from the freezer.

  1. Taco soup – You can make this recipe without hamburgers, onions and peppers. Canned black beans are great for using corn and chopped tomatoes.
  2. Leaf sausage and vegetables – Take a pack of sausages and vegetables from the freezer and fry them with a small olive oil and spices.
  3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup – remember a simple classic. Sometimes it's kind to take a can of tomato soup and dip a sandwich.
  4. Fry the chicken and vegetables while stirring – This is a great recipe for what you have. You can use canned chicken and vegetables.
  5. Simple 3-component pepper – All you need is a can of hot beans, chopped tomatoes and hamburgers. Or mine Favorite pepper recipeOnly a few content are needed.
  6. A pot of goulash – Use frozen onions and peppers to make this dish. It can be made absolutely without cheese, but if you have it – don't hesitate to sprinkle a small over it.
  7. Ready pot spaghetti – Put everything in a finished pot and let it do magic. If you don't have it, you can do it without beef.
  8. Haystack in Hawaii – A great recipe for this creamy chicken soup. When it's done, there are some pantry staples like canned pineapple, olive slices, tangerine orange, or Chinese noodles.
  9. Creamy Italian chicken – If there is cream cheese in the fridge, this is a super simple bake. Serve on your favorite pasta.
  10. Burrito bowl in a pot – This dish names popular basement staplers such as corn, beans and diced tomatoes. If necessary, you can easily do without peppers, onions and burgers.
  11. Taco bowls – Another favorite of the slow cooker with frozen chicken, canned beans and corn. Don't worry about making cilantro-lime rice – you can serve it over the regular microwave or freeze rice if necessary.
  12. German pancake – Have breakfast with only a few ingredients for dinner.

Pantry recipes


Here are a few side dish recipes for the pantry with simple preserves, rice, and flour.

  1. backed vegetables – You can fry the frozen vegetables in your hand. Sometimes I fry canned corn or green beans to add some flavor.
  2. Green beans – This recipe can easily be replaced with canned green beans and is very simple to prepare.
  3. Creamy corn – This is a great way to use canned corn. If necessary, replace the cream with milk or condensed milk.
  4. rice – This is the great way to use the uncooked rice in the pantry. Keep it simple and even make plain white rice on the stove Rice pilaf or Mexican rice.
  5. Fried rice – The kind thing about fried rice is that it tastes top with leftover rice. So, beat up a large amount of white rice and save half a day to prepare fried rice the next day. Make it even easier and use the frozen vegetables from peas, carrots and corn.
  6. Whole grain bread – This is a great recipe for using wheat, honey and condensed milk.
  7. French bread – This bread takes only 5 ingredients and is very tasty. Also ideal for mini sandwiches.
  8. zwieback – These breadsticks would be great, as would the spaghetti that I had in the instant pot. They prepare in less than an hour and can even be frozen.

Pantry recipes

Snacks and desserts

If you're looking for something sweet, these home recipes will be a hit.

  1. Kids trail mix – This is a simple recipe with what you can create. Add your favorite cereals, nuts, and chocolate chips.
  2. Energy balls – This is a great snack for those in your pantry. You don't bake and you only need 3 simple ingredients: peanut butter, oats, honey. The rest is optional.
  3. Simple breakfast muffins This is a great donut to stir and serve with jam or honey.
  4. Smoothies – The great way to consume frozen fruit. Just try to do it Pineapple smoothie or Cold drink with strawberry banana flavor.
  5. Oats per night – These are great for a fast breakfast, snack or dessert.
  6. Homemade muesli, fruit snack – Do it at home. Customize it with your favorite materials.
  7. Cake mix biscuits – These are just great cookies if you have eggs in your hand. You only need a box of cake mix, oil and eggs.
  8. Rice crispy goodies – You only need 3 ingredients for this childhood favorite. Rice krispies (or a similar cereal), butter and marshmallows.
  9. Cookies not baked – These are always a pleasure and only require the basics.
  10. Pour cake – It is made with cake mix and canned fruit.
  11. Cereal sticks – A simple cooking process that requires dry granola, peanut butter, honey and vanilla. That was it!

We anticipate you enjoy these recipes!

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