35 free cute pink backgrounds for iPhone

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Are you looking for romantic and lovely iPhone wallpapers with pink aesthetics? Whether you want a pink background, romantic pink sunset pictures or simple offers for Disney wallpapers, you've arrive to the right place!

If you are looking for lovely pink wallpapers with roses, flowers, beaches, sunsets, clouds, quotes, or anything in between, this is it!

I've collected 35 stunningly lovely pink wallpapers from my favorite bloggers and photographers in a blog post so it's simple to access. It's all free to download! (If you liked the pictures, be sure to check out other wallpapers by the authors!)

You can save as much wallpaper as you want. Just to cognize that choosing one can be difficult!

To save wallpapers for your background:

On mobile devices : Hold and save the image or save the screenshot.

Desktop : Right click to save, save in your downloads and bark on your phone or send an email to save on your phone.

Beautiful pink aesthetic backgrounds for iPhone

Not today, the devil

Pink roses

Pink sunset



Pink splashes


Eiffel tower in spring

Dripping paint

Netherlands II

Cotton candy pink


Pink sand

Pink macaroons


Feed me

Error! collage

Call me an angel

Pink beach


Pink clouds

Blue and pink ocean

Cherry blossoms

See good / image source: Confused brunette

Pink box

Pink sunset

Millennial roses

Designers aware

Welcome to New York / Image via Confused brunette 3

Powerpuff gal

Shine, shine

Bouquet of roses

Gucci store

Pink smoke

Pink Shine

Just do it

Which of these wallpapers is your next home screen or lock screen wallpaper? Let me cognize in the comments!

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