27 astonishing color combinations for boho bedrooms


When you hear the word boho bedroom, you can imagine a room with a versatile, ambitious aesthetic, some elements of shabby elegance. Owners of such bedrooms are usually not afraid to experiment with colors. However, there are many color combinations that are reluctant to use, and you can select them to create your dream space.

Here are some of the most striking color combinations you can use in a boho bedroom.

1. Green and orange

Despite their contrasting nature, teal and orange are surprisingly good in combination. They propose taste and an optimistic look, great to stimulate your mind. Use the teal and light orange splashes as an accent and a darker shade of orange for the background color. Use a dark neutral color (preferably black or dark brown) to "share" them.

To give a surprise, give your boho bedroom a contrasting color. With a hint of orange for one of the teal colors and pillows on the bedspread, you make this room even more unique.

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If you want a kind surprise in your boho bedroom, you can wear teal colors for the walls and orange for your bedding.

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Do not use sheets with many colors, but give priority to the colors turquoise and orange. This bed sheet is great when you use it in your boho bedroom to make a more lovely impression.

Boho bedrooms with unique motifs and contrasting color combinations, bedspreads and cushions with teal and orange are a good idea. Because your boho room looks more great with this combination of colors and motifs.

Boho bed pillows can make an icon. To make your boho bedroom look different, give it a contrasting color with teal and orange, as in the picture above.

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2nd Gold and black

Gold and black are very intense and many people are afraid to try them together. Use black as the background color to give your bohemian design an elegant and atmospheric look. Gold is as great as embroidery, wall or tile patterns and accents like metal fastenings like brass buttons and hooks.

The boho bedroom with black background or black wall and some gold accents on the mirror frame and on the metal roof makes this boho bedroom luxurious.

The solid color combination that is suitable for the boho bedroom is black and gold. With a hint of black and gold on the walls, this bedroom will have an elegant atmosphere.

Don't be afraid to use this combination, which is a combination of black and gold. The golden color on the table and the dressing tables and the black color for the background make for an extraordinary screen in your boho bedroom.

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With a black background and a few gold accents in the mirror and chandelier design of this boho room, you look great.

If you add a golden accent to the boho bedroom through the bed roof and black background, your boho bedroom will look luxurious.

With a unique color combination, this boho bedroom looks more elegant. The use of black walls and gold accents for mirror frames is a good combination idea.

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A boho bedroom that's almost black in every corner of the room is a good idea. However, if you don't want to obtain bored, you can give your photo frames a golden touch.

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3rd Bright red and light blue

Although it contrasts light red and light blue, it is suitable together. You have a bold and calm feeling that reflects balance. You can use one of them as a background color to suit your taste. Don't use them evenly to avoid conflict.

With a light blue background and bright red accents in the colors of curtains, pillows and bedspreads, boho bedrooms make this bedroom look bolder.

The choice of blue in the bedroom background and red in this bedspread is a great color combination. With this color combination, your boho creates a calm atmosphere in your bedroom.

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It is an interesting idea to use the combination of red and blue for the boho bedroom. Red color on the bedspread and the pillow and blue on one of the pillows provide an interesting color surprise.

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Light blue walls and red bedspreads are great for this boho bedroom application. This color combination makes this bedroom look great.

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One of the top color combinations for a boho bedroom is light blue and bright red. With red curtains and bedspreads with a light blue touch like in the picture above this bedroom will look more lovely.

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4th Dark purple and orange

Dark purple and orange tones evoke style and idiosyncrasy, but are also reminiscent of the fall season. You can adjust them with light gray as the background color, e.g. B. walls. Purple and orange furniture can be pieces of fabric or upholstery.

A bedroom with a dark purple background is a unique boho bedroom decorating idea. This color makes this bedroom look great.

Dark purple is a color that is suitable for use in boho bedrooms. Because this color creates a calm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Perfect for boho bedrooms with main purple color. Because with this color your room looks great.

Boho bedroom, a combination of bedspreads between purple and chandelier orange, will bring the user of this room in the fall.

Boho bedroom with its great color combination is very special. With purple on the pillow, orange on the bed sheet and gray on the wall, this room becomes more great.

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5. Red and olive green

Red and olive green propose a sophisticated, almost classic look. Make sure you combine them in a balanced way. Use dark brown or gray as the background color and combine dark colors as highlights.

The boho bedroom, which touches the olive green color in the header and is combined with the red color in the pillow and blanket, makes this bedroom a thick accent.

The color combination of the bedroom was applied to the pillow bed this time. This pillow in red and olive green makes a unique impression in your bedroom.

This boho bedroom with many motifs and colors looks very unique. This time, however, the combination of olive green on a fluffy blanket and red on a patterned blanket was highlighted. This color combination will show an outstanding display in the boho bedroom.

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This boho bedroom with green and red bedding is a unique bedroom. In addition to a unique boho bedroom that uses a combination of red and green, it looks very kind.

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This boho bedroom uses red and green boho wall hangings and gives this bedroom a great artistic atmosphere.

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Boho bedroom encourages you to play with bold combinations. Use these stunning shades to combine multiple colors in the interior design and achieve the most interesting look.



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