21 trendy ways to shake a cornrow updo


Cornrows is a traditional and popular style of protection. The braids can be very simple and convenient to wear as you can abandon them on for weeks if you look right. In addition, you can create astonishing hairstyles and patterns. Today there are 21 stunning cornrow fluffy ideas to show off. You can create a completely different hairstyle by styling your cornrows in buns, ponytails, and more. So take a look at our hair ideas and find something modern to try. We have various updos, including braided buns, curly ponytails, and more. There are also hairstyles for different occasions. Make sure you pin your favorite views to save later!

1. graceful cornrow updo

The first hair idea is very elegant and glamorous. For this look, the hair has lovely corn fields that turn into chunky twists. The bends are then shaped high and low to create a stunning bouffant. Hair like this is great for a special occasion for wow and days you want to impress. You can see a different hairstyle for these braids on the Instagram page below.

Elegant cornrow updo

Source: the @elainese

2. Trendy Braided Style

Next we have a lovely braided style with curls. The hair on the head is beautifully knitted on classic and wavy cornices. When the back hair is full of volume and curls. This is a trendy hairstyle for everyone. The top thing about this style is that curly hair is a drawstring ponytail so it can be easily removed. You can buy drawstring ponytails online.

3. Beautiful and glamorous braided bun

If you're looking for a glamorous hairstyle that makes you feel like a queen, this can be great. This style has lean and thick braids tied to a high bun. There is also a loose braid on both sides of the face. The style is completed with golden accessories. Everything about this hairstyle is breathtaking and can be dazzled up or down for any occasion.

4. Red and black cornrow updo

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites! The hair is a mixture of black and red colors, and the cornices are divided into two parts. In the lower half of the head, braids are swept back to the head and woven together in the middle. While the top hair has loose braids. We love it because it creates a stylish yet edgy mohawk style. You can recreate this or try updo in any color.

Red and black cornrow updo

Source: @cutelooksd is

5. Cornrow updo with zigzag

Do you love braided buns? If so, give it a try. Here are several tons of cornrows with zigzag pieces. The braids are high quality to create a bun. This is a stunning hair idea and great for spring and summer. You can recreate this style or select a different color for the ombre look. The light blonde looked great.

Cornrow updo with zigzag

Source: @thabee__happy

6. Simple and stylish braided bun

Next up is a braided bun. This is a small easier than the others, so it's great for those who want to try blowing out their hair without being too brave. Hair like this is simple to wear, fits everyone and can be carried up or down. Just keep it that way or jazz with some accessories.

7. Jumbo Cornrow Updo

This next hairstyle is very kind. For this look, the hair is shaped into cornices with a flat back. The end of each fabric is also tied to create a kind and low updo. This is a very stylish and elegant hair idea. You can recreate this style or add accessories. Gold accessories will really fascinate this hairstyle.

8. Thick curls with braids

Do you want a modern hairstyle that makes a statement? If so, this can be great for you. While the hair is styled with simple and elegant cornices, the top hair is thick and curly. We love the color of the curls because they really make the style attractive. This is an edgy and trendy hair idea. Another bump that will be great for summer. Recreate this or try the curls in a different color.

9. Stunning blonde braided updo

Blonde is a lovely hair color to try and this next swelling shows how to wear the color in style. The hair is shaped into cornices with zigzag pieces. Each braid has many shades from black to blonde. Zigzag colors in different colors make it more eye-catching. It is bold and expressive what defines the idea of ​​hair. You can try something similar or use a different blonde shade.

10. Trendy ombre bun

Next we have another fashion button. For this look, the hair is transformed into a lovely braided pattern. The upper hair is tied into a high bun with loose curls. If all of this isn't enough, some of the braids have a different color that creates a stylish ombre look. This is a glamorous updo that can be worn up or down. A different color can be used for ombre.

Trendy ombre bun

Source: @fancy_claws



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