Ginger tacos with peanut sauce (30 minutes)


Ginger beef tacos, beef, crispy vegetables and spicy peanut sauce are spicy. Make this 30-minute taco recipe inspired by Asia tonight!

As you go to taco, usually with more traditional taco flavors, Tofu tacos or that Taco salad recipeSometimes it's fun to mess things up. These ginger beef tacos are fun, but they're just as simple to prepare as regular tacos.

Ginger and beef tacos with peanut sauce on wooden serving board

With ginger beef, crispy vegetables and a spicy peanut sauce, these ginger beef tacos are definitely something out of the box, but very good!

Not only can you prepare food in 30 minutes, but also some ingredients.

♡ Causes of Ginger Beef Tacos

  • prepares in just 30 minutes
  • You can pre-eat the ingredients for the preparation
  • You can swap and swap materials to obtain your great taco with what you have

Top view of essential ingredients for Asian tacos

Let's talk about ingredients

For these ginger beef tacos you need:

  • Minced meat – Use extra lean beef or drain the oil after cooking.
  • peanut butter – I recommend using natural peanut butter without sugar.
  • vegetables For the texture, this recipe is topped with a crispy Asian taco cabbage salad made from cabbage, radishes and soybean sprouts.
  • For the taste Ginger is really the singing ingredient in these ginger beef tacos (who would have thought?). But they revive lime, coriander, soy sauce, hot rice vinegar and Worcestershire sauce.
  • loaf – I used flour bread, but I am happy to use your favorite tortilla

Peanut sauce in a mason jar with a spoon

Food preparation tips

Gingerbread tacos are simple to develop! This is how you can make the most of your preparations:

  • Organize yourself– When cooking beef, I found it top to measure everything so that the cooking went smoothly
  • Beef- Be sure to use extra lean ground beef (or minced turkey). Otherwise, you should cook beef and drain the oil before adding the ingredients for the sauce.
  • Food preparation To use this recipe for cooking, pre-cook beef, cut the cabbage, and shake the peanut sauce up to 4 days in advance. When you're alert to build the tacos, reheat the beef.

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Definitely! Instead switch to Turkey, or use tofu to make a version of this Asian vegetarian taco!

Yes, you turn off the cabbage for lettuce (or use grated cabbage with bags to make life easier!). If you want something other than bean sprouts, you can use regular sprouts or even grated carrots.

If you want to avoid gluten, replace tamari or coconut amino with soy sauce and select gluten-free cornbread instead of flour. Also check your Worcestershire (most, but all are gluten free).

Wondering how these tacos arrive together? Watch the short video below to see how! More recipe videos can be found here: Youtube channel.

This article was first published in 2019. It was reissued in 2020 with modern tips and a video.



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