23 layer bob haircuts we love in 2020


Bob is a hairstyle that never goes out of style. Although it is a classic hairstyle, there are many different versions that you can try. Many select a straight bob cut, but have you considered adding layers? The layers lift heavy hair, provide a softer cut and give the hair a more voluminous look. Not only that, but they can also represent a bob. However, there are 23 fantastic layered bob haircuts that will show you. We have long layers, short layers, bangs and even some cool colors. Check this out and find your great bob style.

1. Textured and wavy layered bob

First, it's this wavy and structured bob. The hair is cut to about the length of the chin, has a side part and is shaped by beach waves. It is a stylish and simple to use look that is suitable for everyone. Beach waves are great for summer. Not only that, curls really show layers. There will be online tutorials that will show you how to style your hair this way.

Textured and wavy layered bob

Source: @chloenbrown

2. lovely blonde hairstyle

Then there's a kind bob, but that's a small longer. For this look, the hair has a length that sits just below the chin. Such a longer bob is ideal for women who want to try the style without cutting their hair too short. Here, too, the hair is very structured and pleasant and shows layers. Recreate the blonde version for a summer look, or try the bob in any color.

Beautiful blonde hairstyle

Source: @romeufelip too

3. Reverse Layered Bob

If you want your hair to look stylish, this is great for you. Here is a dark brown bob. The hair is cut at an angle, which means that the front is longer than the back. Thin layers are also added to the hair. Such an angled bob is simple to carry and fits all women. With such hair, you can channel your inner fashionista because Victoria Beckham has vibrations.

Reverse Layered Bob Haircut

Source: @domdomha is

4. Nice layered bob with highlights

This next hair idea is so cute and stylish. The hair is cut into a long bob with a length that sits under the chin. There is also a page. Layers of this style are quite lean, but are clearly visible in the front. We love the extra blonde color because it only lifts the hair. This is a great bob for women who love fashionable hair that is simple to maintain and style.

Sweet layered bob with highlights

Source: @chloenbrown

5. Short layered bob with bangs

Bobs also looks great with bangs. Don't just take our word for it, but look at the next view. There's a stylish layered bob with a straight bang here. This is a very kind look and the pony frame is lovely. You can recreate this style or try side sweep bangs. A shorter bob also looks cute.

Bob was full of bangs

Source: @domdomha is

6. Modern and trendy blonde hair

The next idea of ​​hair is one of our favorites. Here a light blonde bob sits right under the chin. The hair here is multi-layered and really makes a statement. Many such layers make hair look light and stylish. This cut and color make the hair alert for spring and summer. Try a similar style or cut with a different hair color.

Modern and trendy hair

Source: @riawn too

7. Textured long bob

Next up is another structured bob. This is a longer bob shaped by layered waves. It is a fashionable and simple to wear style. The layers are a great way to give dark hair a modern lease of life as it gives the hair buoyancy. This is a very simple to wear style for women of all ages. Of course you can also try this bob with a shorter length.

8. Classic bob cut

If fashionable cuts and bold colors are not for you, you can select a classic bob like this. The hair is simply cut in this popular bob style. Longer layers have been added. You can select any layer length, but longer layers are thinner. This is a stylish and stylish hair idea that will never go out of style. The cut looks great on any hair color, but keep in mind that lighter colors will really pop the layers.

9. Marked layered bob

Another way to revitalize your hair are highlights. This next idea is a great example of hair that you can try. This is how the hair is cut into a bob that sits just below the chin. Bob has a dark color and more red accents are added to the hair. You can select any color for highlights. The warmer ones go with dark hair, and blondes give the bob a sun-kissed look.

10. Trendy Layered Bob with side part

The next idea of ​​hair is modern and very trendy. There is a long bob shaped here by long side sweep bangs. The hair has a lovely blonde color and is beautifully layered. We love it because it has a popular angular cut, but there is brand modern air when it sweeps the face. Hair like this is for those who are tired of their hair and want to try something modern.

Trendy layered bob with side part

Source: @domdomha is



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