How Google and Alexa Home Helpers can develop your home security


Digital language home assistants like Google and Alexa can do much more than just display the weather. These innovations are compatible with a range of security devices and protect your home.

One way to do this is to connect a security camera system to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. For example Lorex Smart home security systems Available that can be controlled by voice activation. Here you will find everything you need to cognize about such systems.

How Google and Alexa Home Helpers can improve your home security

Talk to your voice assistant at home

Google's Home Assistant is activated by voice input and acts as a speaker and command middle. It uses the Google Home app, which you can install on any device to store all of your smart gadgets in one place. When you commence saying "OK Google" you can inquire him a question or tell him to do something. Amazon has a similar product called Alexa, which can be verified by saying "Alexa" followed by a command. The voice assistant you select is based on personal preferences and other suitable devices such as phones and tablets.

These hubs can be connected to external applications and devices to create a smart home. You can turn on lights, make calls, or administer your diary with compatible accessories. The possibilities are unlimited and are regularly updated and become more clever.

Manage security with your Home Assistant

Using a compatible security camera system gives you more control over your home security. The hands-free monitoring makes control easier and you always cognize what is happening on your property. Depending on the type of security system installed, you can inquire a few questions. Please note that more functions will be added over time and the technology will develop.

For example, you may want to view a live broadcast from a specific camera to view an area outside the home. Some cameras have Amazon or Alexa Google Assistant. You can turn on the bright lights and sirens as needed to increase security with a simple voice command. The lights can be automatic or manual and can be activated by movement or should be illuminated at different times.

Protect your network

If you have a smart home, it is important to keep your network secure. This ensures that your security camera systems are not compromised and your property is as secure as possible. Consider using antivirus software and use two-factor authentication if available.

Always use strong passwords and commute them regularly while locking the home WiFi network. If your connections are secure, your smart home will work more efficiently.

Get the most out of your assistants with Home Security

Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa are two popular audio tools for home use. They can answer your questions, tell you what's on the agenda, and give you a delicious recipe for dinner. More importantly, your home security and assistant can develop it with a compatible security camera system.

If you select a compatible innovation from Lorex, you have the option of pairing it with Google or Alexa. Turn on the lights, show certain areas and set a warning with simple voice activation.

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