30 indispensable elements to create lovely, minimalist bedrooms


A minimalist bedroom is not the same as an "empty" one. Despite the lack of excessive flair, your room must still propose simple functions and decorative elements. If you are trying to create a minimalist space, you have to commence with the essential elements. Make sure you place this stuff in your room before expanding the decor.

1. Platform bed

A platform bed is an ideal type for a minimalist bedroom. It offers several advantages, e.g. B. Protection against soil organisms and reduction of dust accumulation. A high platform bed also offers additional storage space underneath. You can slide multiple storage boxes or even roller drawers.

If you like a minimalist bedroom, you can use a platform bed like in the picture above as it works very well for minimalist bedroom designs. Don't forget to put a drawer under the platform bed for your luggage storage.

Platform beds are the top beds for a minimalist bedroom. To maximize this bed, you can add a bookshelf as in the picture above.

Using a platform bed in a minimalist bedroom is a good idea. Because with this bed you are protected from creatures on the floor.

A platform bed used in a minimalist bedroom like in the picture above makes it comfortable for you to carry it.

This platform bed offers a variety of advantages and is ideal for you. Because this platform bed can reduce the accumulation of dust.

Using a bed with a wooden platform is the right choice for a minimalist bedroom. Because this platform bed makes your minimalist bedroom look elegant.

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2nd Correct number of chairs

A minimalist room has the right amount of furniture. When it comes to chairs, you need to calculate the type of people who use them (and how many). A work seat and one or two armchairs to relax are the standard numbers. You can replace the armchairs with a long bench or a cot.

A minimalist bedroom with a chair that can be used for work chairs or deck chairs is very suitable for you. In addition, the attractive design and color will make your minimalist bedroom look more astonishing.

Using a lounge chair in the corner of a minimalist bedroom is a better idea to relax while having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Put a few chairs and sofas in your minimalist bedroom, because with a few chairs in a minimalist bedroom, it is very useful for you.

If you use a wooden work chair with thick foam on the seat, you will feel more comfortable while working.

In addition to your chair, you can also place a soft long couch in your minimalist bedroom. With this couch you can relax comfortably in the room.

This soft armchair is great when you use it in your minimalist bedroom. This comfortable chair will make you feel at home in your minimalist bedroom.

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3rd Two lighting fixtures

A minimalist room must have at least two lighting fixtures. One is the main lamp to illuminate the entire room, while the other is a smaller functional light. You should select lamps with understated, clear designs that fit the minimalist theme.

One important thing that shouldn't be left behind when creating a minimalist bedroom is the provision of lighting. The two lights, namely the chandelier, which is the main lamp, and the table lamp for the sleep lamp.

The minimalist bedroom decor, in which hanging lamps are used as spotlights and cups for variation lights, makes your bedroom look elegant.

Using a round pendant lamp and round table lamps in a minimalist bedroom is a good idea since the round shape is a minimalist shape and therefore harmonious.

Hanging lamps and wall lamps with white light color are very suitable when used in a minimalist white bedroom. Because with this lighting your bedroom looks better with white.

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Minimalist bedroom lighting with a desk lamp and a floor lamp with orange light colors gives your bedroom a warm atmosphere.

A unique chandelier and installing a few small lights in a minimalist bedroom are a brilliant idea. Because with this type of lighting your bedroom looks more lovely.

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4th Cabinet with multiple storage spaces

You need to tidy up the room and keep your things smart to obtain the minimalist look. Make sure you have an appropriate closet for your daily storage needs. You should also look in the closet to see the type of storage. A good closet should have efficient storage space, e.g. B. a hanging bar, upper shelves and several drawers.

An idea of ​​a closet that is suitable for a minimalist bedroom is a closet like in the picture above. Cupboards with so much storage space help organize your things.

If you have a closet with a hanging bar, top shelf, and multiple drawers, your minimalist bedroom will look neater.

With multiple hangers, drawers, baskets and shelves where shoes are kept, this cabinet is great for minimalist bedrooms. Because with this closet your minimalist bedroom will be great.

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The closet next to the bed of a minimalist bedroom will not make your bedroom messy as this wardrobe has a very complete storage.

The closet is one of the most important things for a minimalist bedroom. Give your minimalist bedroom a closet like the one above to obtain a better look.

A luxurious looking closet in a minimalist bedroom is a good idea. Because with this cabinet you can store many of your things.

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5. Simple, clear accents

All the smaller accents in your bedroom should have clear design lines and simple functions. Bedside table, curtains, carpet and shelves in Scandinavian style, such as B. from IKEA, often have a simple aesthetic that fits your minimalist space.

A minimalist bedroom that uses simple carpets as shown in the picture above will make your bedroom look clean.

To obtain a simple but clean bedroom, you can use the Scandinavian style for the bedroom. Using a white duvet is great for your bedroom.

Scandinavia is one of the top minimalist bedroom styles. Because this bedroom design prioritizes a simple bedroom, simple but clean so that it is convenient to use.

To obtain a bedroom with a simple aesthetic, you can apply the bedroom style as in the picture above. It has a very simple design, this white bedroom looks more elegant.

The bedroom design is very simple when using shelves like those from IKEA. Uniquely shaped chairs, carpets and curtains of the same color make your minimalist bedroom design look more attractive.

This minimalist bedroom has a design like a room in Japan and is ideal for those of you who like a simple bedroom. Because this bedroom offers more comfort.

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Create your dream minimalist bedroom by starting with simple must-have items. Make sure you use them to create a seamless, appropriate look.



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