25 tricks for using floral wallpaper for bohemian bedrooms


Floral wallpaper is a great addition to a bohemian bedroom. It's no longer limited to the ancient flower on your grandmother's walls, modern wallpaper trends bring countless floral designs. You can select between light, moody, modern, simple or luxurious floral patterns.

There are many ways to use floral wallpaper in a bohemian bedroom without clashing with other design features. Here are some examples.

1. Has wallpapers

The Bohemian design creates many assertive, abstract elements. The wallpaper usually has varnish-like properties that brighten up your room. If your bedroom is small, select wallpaper that only covers part of the walls. It creates a kind accent and separates functional areas in a studio apartment.

This bohemian floral wallpaper bedroom is great for you, especially for women. This bohemian flower will make your bohemian bedroom look lovely.

If you have a bohemian bedroom with a high artistic value, you can provide floral wallpaper behind the sleeping areas.

To brighten up your bohemian bedroom, you can use moral attention as in the picture above. You can also add a unique table lamp.

If you make floral wallpaper for bohemian bedrooms, this room will be more lovely. Add floral decorations to the table to great your bohemian bedroom.

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If you only have a small Bohemian room, you can put a floral wallpaper on one side behind the bed, as in the picture above.

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2nd Go moody

If you want something different, select a floral wallpaper with a dark background. The result is an artistic mood that differs from the typical floral pattern.

It's a good idea to put floral wallpaper all over the Bohemian bedroom. Your bedroom will look elegant with this wallpaper mural.

Image source

To obtain a different look in the bohemian bedroom, you can use floral wallpaper with a dark background.

Image source

Bohemian bedroom ideas with floral wallpaper with dark background will make your bohemian bedroom look more elegant.

Image source

This floral wallpaper with dark green or dark background is great for you. Because the artistic value of your bedroom is high with this wallpaper.

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If you use a green leaf wallpaper with a dark background, your bedroom will be more attractive.

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3rd Use black and white combo

The black and white combination is great for a modern bohemian look. You can play with subtle colors for your modern bedroom, with enough bohemian elements to make it stand out. You can easily find black and white floral patterns in various wallpaper products.

Using black and white floral wallpaper is a good idea for bohemian spaces. With its wallpaper decoration it gives your bohemian room a modern touch.

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It is a good idea to select a bedroom with black and white floral wallpaper. With this wallpaper decoration, bohemian rooms look more elegant.

You can use black and white floral wallpaper to highlight the bohemian elements in your bedroom.

Image source

Apply wallpaper on black and white flowers in your bohemian room to create a modern atmosphere. Your bedroom not only creates a modern atmosphere, but also looks unique.

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Black and white floral wallpapers used in a bohemian room make this room astonishing. Add a decorative candle to the bedroom table to great your bohemian room.

Image source

4th Choose Japanese floral wallpaper

Would you like to give your bohemian design its eastern charm? Choose Japanese floral wallpaper designs. Many of them have typical Japanese flowers with patterns such as cherry blossom and chrysanthemum. Her designs are colorful but simple, which reminds you of classic Japanese paintings.

To make your bohemian room design look like in Japan, you can use wallpaper with Japanese flowers as in the picture above.

If you use cherry blossom wallpaper in a Bohemian room, your bedroom will look like a garden in Japan.

Image source

To make your bohemian bedroom design more elegant, you can apply wallpaper with flower pictures like Japan.

Image source

Perfect for you to use a white bohemian bedroom with cherry blossom wallpaper behind the bed. This wallpaper will make your bedroom more lovely.

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As in the picture above, it's a good idea to have a bohemian space that uses wallpaper with typical Japanese flowers. The use of chrysanthemum floral wallpaper ensures a great look in a bohemian bedroom.

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5. Place the wallpaper on the ceiling

If you want to focus on decorating the room, move the wallpaper to the ceiling. A flowery ceiling immediately catches the eye and changes the room, but does not depress the atmosphere. It's a great option for people who love lots of details in bohemian rooms.

If you place floral wallpapers with bohemian flower pictures on the ceiling, your bedroom becomes a bohemian bedroom.

Image source

Using a bohemian bedroom with wallpaper on the ceiling is a unique idea. As in the picture above, a bohemian room will make your bedroom more attractive.

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Fabric wallpapers with flower pictures on the ceiling of the Bohemian bedroom make your bedroom look more lovely.

Image source

Give the bohemian bedroom ceiling with floral wallpaper as in the picture above. With such decorations, your bedroom will look more great.

Usually wallpaper placed behind the bed, this time you can stick floral wallpaper on the ceiling of the Bohemian bedroom to give it a different look.

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Floral wallpaper is the great companion for a bohemian bedroom. If you place it creatively, the bedroom will instantly turn into an interesting one.



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