12 brilliant ideas under the stairs


When there happens to be no space in your house, when you really need extra space or storage space to organize your needs. So why not try to use the space under the stairs to solve all your problems? Maybe a lot of people don't detect, the area under the stairs is a great area to give you a lot of space. The key is that you are creative to create a storage compartment or additional room idea that really works but still looks stylish.

The area under the stairs may not be an additional space if you think for the first time that this space is often overlooked. Although this area actually becomes a large area like rooms in general. Many things can be done in this area, e.g. B. work area, bicycle storage, closet, wine and other storage areas. This may seem simple, but it can actually cause chaos if you don't do it right. That is why I would like to inspire you today with ideas, including among 12 ideas that make this useless space grow. Curriculum vitae!

Home office space

The work area under the stairs provides simple access to everything, especially when you are busy. This extra space is very important for those who like to go home or really work at home.

Bicycle cellar

If your garage is full or if you don't really have a garage if you have a bike collection. Don't worry, you can use the space under the stairs to hide a bike without having to mess around.

Home bars

Do you have a wine collection or are you looking forward to a party with your friends? Try building a house bar under the stairs. This idea not only looks stylish, but also offers a pleasant entertainment area.

Wall art screen

Do you really not need additional space? Do not abandon the room under the specified stairs, but decorate it with various murals and appearances that contribute to your interior aesthetics.


The washroom under the stairs doesn't seem unusual. But this laundry room is very useful for those of you who live in a small area where no private laundry room is allowed.

Secret cabinet

This is my favorite idea. A closet under the stairs with a sliding door that we can hide while we store clothes and shoes.

Kitchen pantry

Sometimes a small kitchen may not meet all of your cooking, food ingredient, or other kitchen seasoning needs. A room under the stairs can be the right solution to your problem.

Comfortable benches

Everyone wants a comfortable relaxation space at home and you can use the basement as a favorite place to cut or curl while reading your favorite book.


Houseplants can refresh your room and give your home a natural feel. If you are an ornamental hobby it is the top idea to put it under the stairs.

Bathroom design

Would you like an additional bathroom? Try to use the space under the stairs to make your plans arrive true. Not only is this room unique, it can also be an emergency bath if you have many guests at home.

Reading chairs

These staircase ideas are perhaps the most popular and most used by people as reading and relaxation rooms. Make a bookshelf so that you can easily find the book you are looking for and add chairs to support your comfort.

Toy storage

Many parents are often disappointed with the scattered children's toys. No matter how many times you fix it, children will always cause chaos. Storing toys under the stairs can be used as a practical solution and allows children to hide their own toys.



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