5 comfortable ideas for creating bedrooms in lofts


You can create comfortable bedroom ideas for any design, even in the attic. The use of the loft as a bedroom uses an unused space at home and offers an additional space for the guest or a modern family member. Even if the attic is small, there are many ways to turn it into a dream, a comfortable corner.

Here are some ideas to create the top loft bedroom everyone will sleep in.

1. Built-in storage areas

Built-in storage spaces maximize a small roof space and propose enough space for a bed. You can install shelves and cabinet doors without creating a stack. You can also repaint cabinet doors to match the interior design and color scheme.

If you maximize the small space in the ceiling of the bedroom using a shelf behind the bed, your loft will look tidy in your room.

As in the picture above, a built-in shoe rack in the corner of the attic bedroom is a good idea. This built-in shelf makes your bedroom lofts more affordable.

One of the top places to store shoes in your loft bedroom is a built-in shoe rack. With this built-in shelf, your bedroom will be tidied up by the ceiling.

If you have a loft bedroom and a collection of books, you can keep them as shown above. By using the built-in bookcase, your books stay organized and secure.

The built-in bookcase next to the bed makes this bedroom more great with your loft bedroom.

It's a good idea to create a built-in shelf in the loft in the bedroom. Align the basket in the rack to make the stored items secure and durable.

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2nd Description wallpaper

An attic room usually receives the least attention, so you can develop it with a description wallpaper. Choose an interesting design or pattern that immediately draws your eyes to the wall. Select a suitable model depending on the age group of the passenger. You can put bedding against these expression wallpapers.

It is a good idea to design a lovely ceiling bedroom with a wallpaper with a floral print as in the picture above. This wallpaper makes your ceiling space look more lovely.

Attic bedroom with abstract gray wallpaper is a good idea. In addition to the wallpaper, you can also apply patterned pillows to make your bedroom in the attic attractive.

If you express a unique patterned wallpaper in the attic bedroom, the atmosphere of this room will have a different focus.

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With this white wallpaper with white base color and lovely floral patterns, your bedroom feels artistic on the ceiling.

If you want to decorate your child's ceiling bedroom, you can use this cute patterned wallpaper. You can select an animal pattern and focus on your room.

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3rd Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian furnishing style, a comfortable bedroom idea for a narrow loft. White walls and seamless furniture create a light and relaxed atmosphere. The light wooden floor with a monochrome carpet transforms a simple room into a cozy hiding place.

One style that is suitable for use in the attic bedroom is the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style makes your bedroom look attractive.

Scandinavian space is a style that combines several styles. So you have to try it in your loft bedroom as this style will make your bedroom look more great.

It's a great idea to decorate your Scandinavian-style loft bedroom. Because with this style, your bedroom feels comfortable during use.

This Scandinavian-style loft bedroom with light wood floors and attractive lighting is worth your example. Because these Scandinavian-style rooms propose a warm atmosphere.

This Scandinavian loft-style bedroom is very attractive with white walls and white beds. This room offers comfort and is attractive.

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4th Nice lighting

The attic requires adequate lighting to illuminate the room even in a suitable window. Invest in lovely but practical lamps to develop your bedroom. A pendant lamp or a mini chandelier serve as the main attachment. Install a wall lamp or a mini table lamp next to the bed as a lighter functional lamp.

Ideas for roof lighting in the bedroom with multiple wall and table lamps create a luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom.

It is a good idea to use two table lamps and one main lamp for your attic bedroom. Because table lamps make your bedroom look elegant.

This attractive bedroom decor is great for you. The lighting in this room with a single chandelier and two table lamps looks really more great.

Give your ceiling bedroom interesting lights. As in the picture above, choosing a wall lamp over the headboard will make your bedroom look nicer.

If you dimly light the bedroom in the attic, you will feel more comfortable while relaxing.

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5. Vintage touch

The attic is reminiscent of a mysterious place full of secrets from the past. You can emphasize this feeling by adding vintage items. An ancient wooden box can serve as decoration and storage space. The ancient school metal frame makes a normal bed more impressive. Place a few small antiques for practical purposes like a lantern lamp or ancient school tin cup.

To add a vintage touch to the loft of your bedroom, you can attach a classic chandelier and an ancient mirror to the dressing table as shown in the picture above.

If you want a bedroom loft with a vintage touch, you can add ancient things to the picture. If you keep things like an ancient chest in front of the bed, you will obtain a vintage feel in your bedroom.

If you have ancient historical photos, you can install them to decorate the ceiling of your bedroom. This decoration can increase the vintage impression in your room.

Decorate the bedroom ceiling with ancient items such as historic ancient paintings, ancient safes, and some other ornaments to make your bedroom ceiling look fantastic.

This ancient wooden box serves as decoration and storage space and is great for the attic of your bedroom. Because this box is multifunctional and your bedroom feels older.

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The attic is a potential place to practice cozy bedroom ideas. Create a comfortable space that uses even the most hidden space in your home.



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