21 fresh greens for your living room


Ornamental plants cozy living room decoration nothing modern. However, the trend to decorate the house with plants is growing today, and many people use the plants to decorate the house. In addition to a kind atmosphere, the presence of ornamental plants for home decoration can be your own inspiration.

Coffee table green

A coffee table is a component that is normally found in your living room. When the coffee table gets boring, it may be time to refresh the look. In addition, you can decorate it with simple ornaments without having to buy it and without spending too much money. You can put the potted plants around the coffee table, or you can also put small potted plants on the table.

If you want to design your living room in a fresh atmosphere, you can add some houseplants and then put it on the table to make it more interesting.
You can create a lovely decoration for your living room by placing the skull layout in the aquarium and then placing it on the coffee table.
If you decorate your living room with a Scandinavian theme, you can apply some tropical plants and then place them on your coffee table with white and gray planters

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You can decorate your living room with greenery, but still look elegant, propose a large houseplant and put a small size on the coffee table.

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The arrangement of tropical houseplants on your coffee table in the living room can give your own impression.

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To match the theme of your rustic living room, you can adjust the greens to feel the rustic touch with the rattan basket planter.
Rattan basket for planter green is suitable if you place it on a coffee table in a living room with a farmhouse motif

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Fresh green with a blue ceramic planter makes it look lovely when placed on a coffee table in your living room.
The lovely green with planters from the reused used boxes for decorating your coffee table looks good and gives its own impression.

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Stand on the floor

The plant turned out to be a kind decoration for the decoration in the corner of your living room. There are certain angles in your home that just don't match the decoration. In this case, you can put the plants behind a chair. However, make sure you select a size large enough to completely fill the empty corner. Not only can you focus on laying ornamental plants, you can also match the color of the furniture and walls to the color of the leaves. This way your living room looks greener and more lovely.

Inspire suitable tropical plants to decorate your living room, then place them in the corner of your room to minimize your space
Green arrangement behind the sofa of your living room and additional patterned carpet to feel the boho touch.
To obtain a kind look, use a white planter to bring green to your living room and you'll be put in the corner of the room.

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If you want to green your living room, select plants that are suitable for the interior and place them in the corner of your living room.
If you want to make your living room nuanced, you can give your living room a lot of green and green leaves.
For a kind look in your living room, you can put the green on the floor or a shelf on the walls.
Large plants that you can apply to a large living room and place in the corner of the room for simple viewing

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You can bring houseplants and wallpaper with leaf motifs to your TV background to create a freshly nuanced living room.
The cozy and warm living room is suitable if you propose a houseplant with a basket-rattan planter.
If you want to display lush tropical plants in your living room, you should put them in the corner of your room
You can select plants that inspire the living room by offering a lot of green and suitable for the interior that you put in the corner of the room next to the window to obtain sunlight.
Tropical houseplants are very suitable for the additional decoration of your living room with a white planter

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Now many people beautify the inside of the house by placing the plants in the room. In fact, the method of filling up the room atmosphere is not modern. Many people do this as a solution to the limitations of the field, especially to have a yard to plant. But it seems that the way back to nature has made this classic way a trend into the present.



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