23 stylish small rose tattoos


Roses It is one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. A rose can symbolize love, anticipate and more. Not only genuine roses with special meanings, but also colors. A red rose can be love, pink can be gratitude, yellow can be joy, and there are even black roses that can be sadness and even a symbol of rebellion. However, every rose is different and every rose body art is unique. If you are considering choosing a rose tattoo design, this is the place to be. We found 23 lovely and small rose tattoos. Small tattoos are just great for those who want to expand their tattoo collection or for more subtle body art. So take a look around to see which stunning rose is great for you.

1. Beautiful back tattoo

The first tattoo has a lovely rose design on the back. This tattoo has a single black ink rose that is placed very high in the back and in the middle. It is a breathtaking piece of body art and very lean due to its placement. You can reproduce this small tattoo or add some color to make it bolder.

Beautiful rose back tattoo

Source: @ renan.sampaio

2. lovely black rose

When you see small rose tattoos, they usually have red, pink, or just black ink outlines. So this is very unique. We have a black rose design here. As you can see, we have a small rose completely covered in black ink. Rose is a stylish version of body art and gives us an edgy and gothic feel. A black rose can be placed anywhere on the body.

Beautiful black rose

Source: @lucasmilk

3. Rose Rib Tattoo

The next tattoo idea is very kind and trendy. This body art has a black outline rose that is slapped on the ribs. It is a feminine and delicate design that will look great on everyone. You can try a similar tattoo or add a splash of color. Watercolor red or pink look stunning.

Small rose rib tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

4. Behind the ear design

If you are looking for a very lean and small tattoo, this may be great for you. This tattoo only contains the head of the rose and is tattooed behind the ear. Such a tattoo is very simple to carry because you can cover it or show it off. If you want to add color to the design, keep the shadows bright and soft. This keeps the body art stylish and reserved.

5. Small single rose tattoo

Next we have another small rose design. It is placed on the ribs and has stunning detail on its leaves and petals. Although small, this tattoo makes a statement. A lovely rose like this can be placed anywhere and you can try the design in an even smaller size.

Small single rose tattoo

Source: @ renan.sampaio

6. Artistic rose

Maybe classic rose designs are not for you? If so, this can be great. There is an artistic rose here. This tattoo was created with just a black line. The knit and loop shape of the design is astonishing to create the rose. This is a very brave and unique idea. You can reproduce it or try the line in a color like red or pink. You can even use two colors. Red for the top and green for the body.

Artistic rose tattoo design

Source: @arodinho

7. Single rose behind the leg

The next tattoo is fantastic and the largest tattoo on the list. This body art features a single black ink rose struck on the back of the leg. A breathtaking design with many details, you can even see the thorns on the cope with. Recreate it or add some color, again watercolor would look great. Try something similar or it could be a small smaller.

A rose behind the leg

Source: @ renan.sampaio

8. Small wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoos have become very popular and we can see why with such designs. This tattoo has a small rose next to the wrist. It has a simple design and is simple to carry so that it fits everyone. You can recreate this stylish design or try a more delicate rose with softer lines. The rose can also be rotated and placed in the next wrist area for the palm.

Tattoo ideas

Source: @renoirsurblanc

9. Elegant watercolor rose

Speaking of elegant roses, this next design is just that. Here is a small rose slapped on the arm. Black ink is not used. Instead, soft colors like pink, green, and brown were used to create this lovely and delicate design. This is one of our favorites and you can try a similar rose with any petal color.

Delicate watercolor rose

Source: @tattooist_doy

10. Small ankle tattoo

Next we have a small ankle tattoo to show you. The design is on the ankle and has a simple design with black ink. This is a lovely and timeless tattoo that fits everyone. You can reproduce a similar rose or bring it closer to the bones. Such a tattoo will look great in summer.

Little Ankle Rose Tattoo

Source: @arodinho



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