21 Suitable ideas for living room lighting


The living room is a room where all family members can gather, chat, joke and relax. So this room needs more lighting cozy living room Designs for various relaxation activities. Unlike other rooms, family rooms need more general lighting to illuminate the entire room. Choosing the right lamp design can also add to the beauty of the room.

Pendant light

You can commute the look of your house by replacing your house lamp with a pendant lamp. This lamp is a kind of lamp that is mounted on the ceiling so that it can be placed anywhere. The different designs and colors of the lamps also make this lamp more and more popular. If you want to install a pendant lamp in your home, there are a few things to consider, e.g. B. the lighting model, the material and the safety.

A modern house with a living room with a modern sofa set that is illuminated by high ceilings from high ceilings will enhance the beauty of your living room.
Modern style living room with dark floors and green walls. This living room offers a unique pendant lamp so that your living room looks great.
Elegant living room with a lovely living room with a large lovely pendant lamp and a flat staircase that leads to the dining room.
Stylish furniture sets and a formal living room with large pendant lights on the two-story ceiling create a lovely screen in your living room.
The large living room has a large white double sofa and a large screen TV. In addition, your living room will look great with this elegant pendant lamp.
A very kind living room with unique chandeliers and parquet floors and ceilings. With a row of lovely chairs, a fireplace with TV and a small dining area on the side, it makes your living room look elegant.
A modern living room with wooden walls and ceilings, enriched with a minimalist pendant lamp. In addition, it is equipped with modern chairs and a stylish middle table on a lovely gray carpet, which makes this tiger room look lovely.

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Chandelier lighting not only becomes lighting, but also a decoration that makes your room lovely. The chandelier provides maximum lighting and an increasingly creative shape. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of money on decorating or renovating a home to obtain qualified lighting.

A lovely country style living room with a golden chandelier will make your living room look lovely.
The modern living room with this chandelier looks lovely. Especially with elegant furniture that will make your living room look great.
Not to mention the elegant lighting of the living room full of lovely furniture that makes this living room look lovely.
The living room with a silver accent is furnished with a dark sofa, which is illuminated by a chandelier, so that your room looks great.
This bright living room will be lovely if it is embellished with its dark touch. This method can make your chandelier look more lovely to illuminate your living room.
This chandelier has become a very important addition to your living room. Elegant design can make this living room attractive.
This green living room looks dark with some furniture that complements it. The presence of an elegant chandelier can brighten up this living room like the living room of your dreams.

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We usually use candles at certain times, for example to make a romantic impression at dinner. In fact, candles can be used for decoration. The use of decorative candles, not only at special times, can also develop the appearance of the room. The table in the middle of the living room should not be left empty. As a focus, the decoration of the table can commute the atmosphere in the family room. If using a vase of flowers is too much, try decorating the tables with candles. Choose a candle holder for a table with a shape that fits the theme of the family room.

Three types of candles are offered here. The first are the candles that are placed in the glass box. Second, common candles in the candle holder. The last one is the pink candles on the coffee table.

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If you are looking for simple but lovely lighting, a candle can make your living room look great.
The light of the candle in the lantern becomes one of the most lovely ornaments for your living room. You can put this candle next to the sofa or wherever you want.

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For this design a simple square cube with candles to create the great lighting for your living room. Candles can also make your living room more romantic.
Lighting candles has the advantage that you can warm up your living room. It can also have a small fireplace to make your living room look great.

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This lovely living room has candlelight, which makes this living room look even more great.

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You can use candlelight to create a romantic mood, but candles can also be used to create a happy glow.

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The lighting in a room has a direct effect on the mood or mood. In other words, the body's health system. Choosing and planning the right lighting for the room is one of the most important aspects to create character and achieve the necessary positive atmosphere. The family room is an area where various activities such as speaking, reading and even watching TV are supported. You should use bright lights and place them in a strategic area.



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